Attention Paulites: This Is Why Obama Would Trounce Your Guy Like Grant Took Richmond

Ron Paul, of course, has no chance of winning the Republican nomination and never really did.

Still, there are many in the blogosphere—the realm of Paul’s most ardent supporters—whom continue to believe that the Texas congressman will somehow manage to become the party’s standard bearer, beat Obama in the general election and restore the constitutional principles of our early republic.

Fat chance.

The truth is that President Obama would whoop Paul in the general election even worse than Johnson beat Goldwater in 1964. Much worse.  If you doubt that, watch this video:

There is no need for comments to start pouring in about the validity of Paul’s argument.

I believe that he gets some of his history right and other parts wrong. If I bothered to break it all down, this post would end up re-fighting the Civil War—or rather The War of Northern Aggression—depending on which side of the “Fergit Hell” fence you might fall.

That’s not the point of this post. The point is what the Obama people would do with a video of this old, white guy from Texas giving a speech to a Southern heritage group on why the South was right in the Civil War against the backdrop of a giant Confederate Battle Flag.

Combine this video with racist excerpts from Paul’s old newsletter and whatever other dirt would be dug up on him and Obama will make history again—this time not for being the first black president, but as the only president since FDR to be re-elected with an unemployment rate above 8 percent.

By now, there are Paul supporters reading this who are shaking their heads at what they see as more dribble from yet another hack being paid by the Republican establishment to keep the guy who would bring real change to Washington out of the White House.

There is no conspiracy here, only truth—whether you accept it or not.

Like you committed Pualites, I appreciate the congressman’s candor and the way he stands up for what he believes in—damn the consequences.

I also read his last two books and agree with 80 to 90 percent of the libertarian dogma he espouses. I differ with him mostly on his foreign policy stance and have had a little fun picking on Paul on this website. I pick on pretty much everyone, however.

There is a lot that Paul is right about, but the transformation of our nation into a quasi-socialist country has been one hundred years in the making and there has been a lot of dumbing down of the public along the way to get us here.

Sadly, the people in this man-on-the-street interview are indicative of many people who will be deciding on our next president:

People like this, whose vote counts as much as yours, wouldn’t be able to tell you which century the Civil War was fought in and couldn’t care less about the states’ rights arguments made by Paul in the previous clip.

They most likely voted for Obama the last time around. Many of these types will probably sit out this presidential election, since Obama isn’t doing a good job and they have already made history—in their minds—by helping put the first black man in the White House.

What would get them to turn off American Idol long enough to make it to polling places this November would be months of being fed images of crazy old whitey standing in front of a giant Confederate Battle Flag, who the media has told them will re-institute slavery as soon as elected.

Paul has never been really vetted by the Main-Stream-Media, because they have never taken him seriously and because many of them agree with him on foreign policy. The gloves would be off if he were to go up against Obama and the media would sure have a lot to work with. In their eyes, it never mattered that the president spent 20 years as a member of a church in which the pastor referred to white people as “blue-eyed devils” and called all white people “liars.”

It would matter a whole lot, however, that Paul has been known to defend the Confederacy in speeches and other things he has done–like being the only member of Congress to vote against a resolution in honor the Civil Rights Act Of 1964 on its 40th anniversary in 2004–that they could use to morph him into David Duke.

It should also be remembered that there are a lot of Republicans who would not pull the lever for Paul because of things like this ad, which draws a moral equivalence between the actions of U.S. troops sent overseas to fight in wars after we were attacked by terrorist to the actions of the terrorist themselves:

Many conservatives would also have a problem with Paul’s many years practice of accepting pork for his congressional district through earmarks, which the media would use to portray him as the quintessential hypocrite as well as the quintessential racist and all-around nut job.

Paulites could argue that he was working to return tax-payers money as well as moan about unjust wars and the media’s double standard until they were blue in the face.

None of that would matter.

In the end, Obama would easily beat their guy and they would retreat back into cyberspace to peck on keyboards about how the vast conspiracy of the status quo had sunk the nation’s last great hope.

It might not be fair, but that’s reality.

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