Hey, Can You Do Us A Favor?

As many of our readers know, following the fairly rapid expansion of our viewership over the past 3-4 months we’re getting serious  about turning this site into a real advertising medium. We think we’ve got a lot to sell.

We need your help, though.

It’s our expectation – a theory based on what we think is rather informed, if not particularly scientific, observation, that our readers are of the high-end, well-educated and influential variety. But we need to be able to prove that – or disprove it. We need to be able to tell advertisers who they’re getting if they pick up space on our site.

And that’s why we’ve put together a quick 10-question survey for you guys to fill out, if you don’t mind. Getting the info – which is pretty general stuff, like what your zip code is, what age and income group you’re in and a general idea of how you read the Hayride – will go a long way toward helping to launch us as an advertising medium.

And of course that works pretty well for you guys, too, because while we’re selling ads we don’t have to do that obnoxious “it’s that time of year again so we’re hitting you up for a donation” thing. You guys have been great about that when we’ve done them in the past, but we really don’t want to go there.

So the thing to do is run the site on ad revenues. Advertisers want to know about you guys.

Anyway, here’s the link to the survey. If it takes you more than three minutes to complete it, you’re thinking about this stuff too hard. And your responses will be completely anonymous, and we’re not going to do any of this creepy Google stuff where we capture your info and use it against you. In fact, the more advertising we sell here, the less creepy Google stuff you’ll see on this site.

Thanks in advance for your participation – we really appreciate the help!

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