Looking Back At Civics

Many years ago, back when the earth’s crust had barely cooled and politics was known as the infernal pit it is, there was a course taught in schools. It was called CIVICS. It was defined as the social science of municipal affairs. It was a class where you learned what your government did and how its job was done.

Now the government doesn’t want you to know how things are done.

Don’t believe it? Who controls the standards for academic curricula nationwide? The U.S. Department of Education does. Who developed it? A Technocrat named Jimmy Carter turned the Department of Education into a cabinet level program meaning only people involved in the field may have a say in the development of programs. If they decide you need more time on math and the sciences, you’ll spend more academic time stressing math and the sciences. That means you’ll spend less and less time, or maybe NO time in a school day learning how the people controlling your fate and destiny are doing their jobs. Those jobs are specifically designed to keep those specific people in their jobs. They aren’t required to think beyond their specialties.

You must go with the game-plan they develop and matters to them; not what matters to you. And it’s in that spirit I’d like to inform you of a few things.

When that crust formed over the earth in my youth, we were taught certain things. One was what our government was put in place to do for us. We were taught that the really old guys, or Founding Fathers, personally risked everything they possessed (their lives as well because they were seen as traitors to the Crown)to try to make a better world for the children to come living within the borders of the colonies soon to become the United States. They saw their responsibility to leave their progeny a world free of monarchical obstinacy in their edicts and control. The forefathers risk everything to assure WE all had something special in the future: Freedom.

Senators and representatives, were elected from the general populace to represent the people in each state. Each state was considered a sovereign entity unto itself. It was recognized as individual but could participate in the Congress as representatives of (and thus a part of the whole) people exhibiting the particular character and culture of that state. But the key was they represented a separate, sovereign state with rights afforded it by: “the powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people”. (10th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution)

The people sent to Congress were the representatives of the people of their state; not the United States as a whole. Or, at least that’s how it was once taught.

Now we see a different curricula. It’s one where the United States is alleged to be sovereign over all its people (subjects?) The states have a secondary, subservient role in representation, government and control of policy affecting the populace. Senators and Representatives are no longer representatives of their states; they now work for the government. The people are the plate under a seven layer cake. We support everything and get no appreciation for it.

Where these people were once sent to Washington D.C. to get the best deal they could for their specific constituencies, they now find themselves working for the Federal Government and selectively being allotted funds for projects in their districts. They now call this “pork barrel politics” and vilify the efforts as chasing “earmarks”. Earmarks have become the latest bugaboo as though it’s a bad thing. When I was a kid it was what we sent them there to get: “the best deal they could for their specific constituencies”.

Now we say that’s bad.

Of course it is if government controls you and you no longer control government. People like Barack Obama and other Progressive/Socialist/Marxist/Governmentalist, micro-minded wannabe monarchists want to control everything because they know best how to run everything. Look how well they’ve done it so far.

Think about it.

Thanks for listening.



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