Power-Slidin’ Toward Oblivion

Barack Obama has a problem and doesn’t know how to overcome it: how do you continue to mask your inability to lead a country when you have nothing but your own tired, hackneyed rhetoric to instill confidence in a people having none in you?

Obama was in Florida giving boring speech (other than the fact he’s adopting more and more of the GOP’s past issues and boilerplate): there’s no “Silver Bullet” to resolve our energy issues. If I hear about a flippin’ “silver bullet” one more time from this guy I’m going to go off like the party popper he is as opposed to the howitzer he believes he is.

It sounds like his speech writing staff’s composed of past graduates of “Cliché’s Are Us”. It’s depressing. No. It’s demoralizing to know he has no greater speaking skills than to repetitively use clichés to get a message across that was dead on arrival let alone bereft of articulate solutions.

The man says we need to develop every form of energy we have. We need oil; solar, Natural Gas, wind and now (are you ready?): algae. You know; that green crap growing on anything leaking water around the downspout of your rain gutters. Of course he’s suggesting we collect the high grade Floridian and Californian algae because those are the “green states” where we see major electoral vote counts. That seems to explain it because he surely doesn’t have too many logical points to bring forward in support of this green slime. (Sorry. In reference to green slime being a subject of discourse I forgot Van Jones no longer gets a check from the White House.)

Obama believes experimental energy development equals deliverable stockpiles to cut our energy dependence from the Middle East. He believes we can cut the green growths off of the teeth of Occupy wherever protesters and “we’ll send them evil oil magnates a packin’”.  Or maybe we can have him pass some more of that Natural Gas he directs toward us by the operation of Wind Farms across the prairies. Instead of developing petroleum based systems actually available in harvestable form in this country, he wants to halt our efforts at domestic oil and gas production to allow Solar, Wind and Algae to play “catch-up” and become internationally competitive on the energy market.

Let’s ask a question: have ANY of our competitors for energy production (Venezuela, Russia, China etc.), stopped or even stalled their exploration for crude oil in favor of alternative fuels? NO.

So why does this zipper-head think he and his flunkies are going to heal the “Earth Mother”  by making America a third-rate, low production and thus weaker nation in its financial life and its burgeoning (not slackening) energy dependence? It defies logic; unless it’s your plan to weaken America, fundamentally changing it to that third-rate nation every Marxist and fascist poseur has striven to create.

The American people have readily and dynamically fought every effort from outside this country to conquer us. But never in our history, has the effort been directed by a man elected President. Never before has the surreptitious element been benign on the surface while dynamically propelling this nation toward its own suicide by anesthetizing the awareness of the citizenry. Never before has the effort been from the heart of the electoral process. Never before have so many people’s sense of caring for the might and majesty of this nation been allowed to atrophy to this point. Never before has the threat come from within.

We stand at a point in history where rhetoric and verbal sleight of hand are accepted as policy. Those chosen to lead are proving themselves to be the ones spraying water on frozen ground, creating the black ice we’ll slip and slide upon and careen us out of control as we try walking toward the better future we need to plan for our children. The people we place in Congress to represent us are salting their own larders when they need to be salting this super-highway to destruction liberals are creating for us all.

America is power-sliding toward the precipice and Obama keeps hitting the gas.

Thanks for listening.

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