Well, that’s what Obama did after the Army burned up a bunch of Korans the Taliban prisoners at Bagram were writing messages to each other in.

According to the muzzies, it’s blasphemy to write in a Koran. So the Taliban barbarians were in the wrong.

But if you want to dispose of a Koran you apparently have to wrap it in a clean cloth and then bury it at a mosque, in a place where people won’t walk on top of it.

Instead, somebody screwed up and just burned the things. And somebody else really screwed up and let the word get out they got burned.

That last guy’s guilty of getting a good many people killed, including two U.S. servicemen, in the barbarian riot that resulted. These people aren’t upset in the least that their whole culture is based on buggering 10 year olds and their economy is based on heroin – none of that is particularly worrisome.

Burn a book your people have already defiled, though, and all hell breaks loose.

And Obama apologizes for the whole thing. Which really hasn’t worked, truth be told.

Somebody else decided to apologize, too. Her apology is a good bit more on point than Obama’s is.

Me, I’m not interested in apologizin’ to any of these people. Afghanistan is in a mud-wrasslin’ match with Somalia for the title of Worst Shithole On Earth. And that’s AFTER a decade of us doin’ our damnedest to clean the joint up. Can’t imagine we haven’t made the place better than it was, but a decade in and we get pandemonium over a fire?

Nah, no apology I sez. I’m with Sigourney on this one.

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