The Deity Of Gummint

Today was one trial after another. First; you must repair an insurance glitch predicated by buying a car and the offended insurance company doing what it MUST do because Nanny says DO IT! Whenever you interrupt insurance coverage the company must immediately notify the state so they can prepare whatever paperwork is required to further screw-up your life: fines, endless trips to DMV, hours long standing on already critically free-falling arches and a migraine reminiscent of Hiroshima being replicated behind your eyes.

Secondarily; it was determined by the Gods o’ Computers my modem would refuse speaking to my router which in turn contacted the nerve center in my gut aggravating an already irritable bowel to go into recto-spasm. Thirdly; this immediately e-mailed my optic nerve to become intertwined with my recto-spasmodic irritable bowel and entrails entanglement system. This brought about the fourth element of the syndrome: Optic-rectalitis or as it’s more commonly understood- a Crappy Attitude.

This problem is a matter of hardware and the way it interacts with other hardware. Occasionally a troglodyte such as I will run afoul of the mechanics and occasionally it’s no more dangerous to repair than holding my tongue correctly while plugging in a new piece of the puzzle. But this is hardware related. That’s the point. It’s something you can grab hold of, lift skyward as a sacrifice to the Gods o’ Computers, before you power-slam it into plasto-mash (or as we refer to it in my house – Lego ® embryos). There is at least that small comfort for all of the headaches it causes.

In government bureaucracy there’s no such element to free your angst, re-direct your anxiety or alleviate your torment.

It unlawful to kill the messenger; and that’s normally what the poor guy or gal is who sits behind the desk. They’re merely hod-carriers having the key to the lock resolving your issues, but they have procedures they must follow. They aren’t priests of the faith. They must perform arcane rituals exactly. The sacrifice chosen must be important to attract the mercy of the Deity of Gummint.

This self-absorbed deity is a jealous one. He (I call it HE because, for all of my dislike in knowing it could be a priestess of the calling, I don’t want to tick off a female deity. It could lead to greater pain such is the all-encompassing might of women) is petulant and sulky, grumpy when awakened; sullen and ill-tempered when forced to hear the pleas of supplicants.

The Hallowed Deity Gummint is a nasty little snot-slinger having no more purpose than creating jobs for many people not capable of gainful employment elsewhere. It grants unearned tenure, sheltering the weak-minded and unstable personalities of certain priests and priestesses.  They test the resilience of the unbeliever in their power. The supplicant is at the mercy of the merciless. Their power makes them what they are: enviable only in their eyes. To all others they’re idiots chipping their identity off of the algae overgrowing their walls of the temple.

Okay. I’ve waxed poetic long enough. This is really about government intervention and regulation of nearly everything in our lives. It has to do with hierarchies being constructed for no other purpose than to inflate the egos of trolls seeking to become elves if they can get people to accept blindly what they proclaim as important. There are newer rules, regulations, guidelines, procedures, systems, policy statements, parametric compliances and bloviating management personnel spouting techno-drivel in volumes of instructions better left at the door to hold it open so you can escape the madness.

Today was a mutha. But it wasn’t as bad as industries across the country trying to practice free enterprise endure. There’s a network of people standing guard at the mouth of the bureaucratic beast inhibiting economic growth. They feed the beast daily with trivial paper-pursuits.

I had a nasty day because of not being very good at computer diagnostics. I shudder to consider what an industrial entity has to go through to get past the rules and regulations casually thrown about by the present administration in Washington.

Thanks for listening.

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