The Romney People Really Don’t Like This Ad…

It’s titled “Rombo,” which is a pretty sharp bit of ridicule in its own right.

And, hokey though it might be, it really does hit home. Because the voters have noticed that Mitt Romney’s campaign is largely based on waiting until a major competitor surfaces and then deluging that competitor with negative ads.

Rick Perry caught that. Newt Gingrich has caught it twice. And now Romney’s Super PAC is running this ad against Rick Santorum…

It’s basically a joke. You can go through a 12-year Senate voting record, plus a 4-year House voting record, and come up with all kinds of votes you can deem as lousy. Just like somebody could do the same thing to Romney for his record as governor of Massachusetts.

Santorum’s response – that all Romney does is sling mud – is an excellent retort. The guess here is it will work, too.

And it’s not like Romney is doing himself a lot of good here. Does it make sense to trash your opponent at the same time you’re openly saying he might make a good vice presidential candidate?

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