THIS IS WHO’S RUNNING THE COUNTRY: Valerie Jarrett Says Unemployment Checks Stimulate The Economy

I’d call this shocking, but it’s anything but. We’ve heard the same swill from Nancy Pelosi.

It would be so simplistic as to be boring to de-bunk this stupidity. Paying people unemployment checks forever incentivizes them not to work. Incentivizing people not to work means many of them will not work. Not working means not creating value for the economy. And an economy in which value is not created is a failed economy.

Why does Valerie Jarrett think the Soviet Union failed?

Bill Daley was put in place by the Democrat establishment as the White House Chief of Staff in an effort to find somebody who could make peace with the business community and rein in the abject communism going on in the Oval Office. And Daley barely lasted a year before Jarrett ran him off.

She’s the most powerful person in the White House, which makes her the most powerful person in America. And she thinks unemployment checks stimulate economic growth.

Rasputin in a dress. Not sure what else to call it.

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