Yeah, They’re Gonna Say Mitt Romney Is Out Of Touch…

…Obumble is dialed in, though.

After all, those Founding Fathers are all dead white guys who owned slaves, right?

How many slaves did Ben Franklin have? John Adams? Sam Adams?

You can’t tell a lefty they’re un-American. Earlier today Fox News had a debate between Tucker Carlson and Alan Colmes over this business about how the feds are gonna tell Catholics they have to pay for birth control pills and such in their health care, and Colmes lost his marbles when Carlson said this thing was un-American. He whined that every time lefties do something conservatives don’t like conservatives call them un-American.

Yeah, Colmes, that’s exactly right. You get the brass ring. Because the crap lefties want to do IS un-American.

Let’s boil this down. Bill Murray had it exactly right in Stripes…

Murray was talkin’ about bein’ in the Army and not stuff like public policy. So what he didn’t say is that while we’re all mutts and we’re not Watusi or Spartans, what makes us Americans is an idea. Our people came here because of the idea of bein’ Americans. That idea is that by comin’ here you have the freedom to be who you want to be, to believe in what you want to believe and the government’s gonna get out of your way.

And why do we have this idea?

The Constitution, that’s why. It sets up a whole bunch of restrictions on what the government can do.

Which applies to Obama. Here he is blamin’ the fact that he can’t get all that bunkum and bosh he wants done passed through Congress (and that’s because the bunkum and bosh he and his Democrat buddies passed before the 2010 elections so pissed off the people of the country that they threw the Democrats out of the House) on the Founders and their lousy constitution.

And that ain’t all we’ve seen this week. Ruth Buzzy Ginsburg, or whatever her name is, who’s on the Supreme Court, told a bunch of Egyptians that they shouldn’t want something that looks like our constitution…

Ruth Buzzy Ginsburg is as dyed-in-the-wool a lefty as you can get. She’s supposed to be applyin’ the Constitution every day; that’s what we pay her for. And as much as the lefties might go all Alan Colmes on you for saying it, that clip just above is un-American.

If you don’t like the Constitution, you don’t like America. Everything great about this country flows from that piece of paper. Or at least the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence. Those two documents ARE America.

And here’s Obumble and Ruth Buzzy takin’ a huge dump on ’em.

But you can’t call ’em un-American. Because it’s not un-American to crap on the founding documents of America.

Rich guy Mitt’s out of touch, though, because he don’t care about poor people.

Ruth Buzzy and Alan Colmes and Obumble? They feel us, baby. They feel us but good.

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