NEW O’KEEFE VIDEO: It’s Not A Surprise Al Franken Is A Senator From Minnesota, Given How Wide-Open Their Election System Is To Fraud

They’ve got a caucus in Minnesota today, so it’s timely to consider what the voter registration system looks like over there.

Particularly given that four years ago the Democrats in that state flat-out stole a U.S. Senate election and made Saturday Night Live moron Al Franken one of the most powerful political figures in the world.

So, has anything changed to insure voter fraud is less likely there?

James O’Keefe and his crew went there to find out. What they found wasn’t quite what one would call encouraging, and just like in New Hampshire O’Keefe demonstrated how easy it is to stuff ballot boxes with votes from nonexistent voters.

In New Hampshire O’Keefe showed that you can get dead people to the polls. In Minnesota he showed how easy it is to register Tom Brady and Tim Tebow as voters.

As in New Hampshire, no ID is required for any of this. And the Justice Department is actually fighting efforts to tighten up laughable systems like these.

Can anyone explain a reason beyond the active promotion of voter fraud why Eric Holder would stand in the way of voter ID laws in light of the insanity O’Keefe exposes in Minnesota?

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