A Mic Too Hot To Handle

An American president should have more sense than to speak candidly to a major representative of a formerly antagonistic and still unfriendly nation such as Russia is; especially into a “Hot Mic”. But, education doesn’t prove smarts exist.

Some people will start screaming Barack Obama is a Russian agent infiltrating the heights of American government. They’ll assume he’s ready to turn America over to the conscienceless commie, pinko, and lefty hordes seeking to feast on the flesh of our children and ravish our women folk.

We should take him at his word. He won’t turn us over to Medvedev and then Lenin’s illegitimate baby boy, Vladimir Putin: yet. He needs more time and “space” to get his plan into action. He said he’ll need “more flexibility”, after his re-election. For Obama, the time isn’t quite right. I think he was grateful to hear Medvedev say: “I understand. I will transmit this information to Vladimir.”

The image appears in the panorama of the inner mind. Vladimir Putin’s right hand is firmly jammed upward into the workings of Dmitri Medvedev’s nether parts. Then we see Putin’s left hand shoved into the same region Obama willingly presents so he can be a part of this ventriloquist’s show. Where partisan pundits have attacked Obama’s leftist (Marxist and Alinskyist) leanings in the past, many have refused to accept his tendency to parrot what appears to be socialist diatribe and stances on policies internal and international.

All the while he’s been espousing the need to use diplomacy to complete a peace oriented foreign policy, he’s been in shadowy, stealthy communications as was witnessed with Medvedev. We (the American people) have NO chance to inspect, watch, review or criticize the action of a presidential administration until it appears too late. This is true in most cases.

But, in the case of Obama and Medvedev, it really, really looks like a foreign agent passing strategic information to his handler. After all, Medvedev reports back to his boss like the good little Neo-communist flunky he is. Putin wins one election and stays in power for two terms. He steps down and Medvedev is elected. Putin stays in power for two more terms. How else can Medvedev’s statement be interpreted? Everybody’s always known it as fact.

Obama immediately started scratching dirt to cover the pile he’d just left on audio/videotape. My cat does a better job, but they smell the same. Obama said: “this is not a matter of hiding the ball.” No; it’s not. It’s a matter of dropping it at the feet of an antagonistic government’s official. Putin is now goal-line bound.

Obama proclaims arms control is “extraordinarily complex, very technical” and goes on to say: “I think everybody understands – if they don’t, they haven’t been listening to my speeches – that I want to reduce nuclear stockpiles…”

We’ve heard his speeches. They’re empty rhetoric seeking validation he can conceal duplicity with quick-silver tongued oiliness. This time he let the cat out of the bag, and we’re here to lash him with it.

It’s believable he wants to “reduce nuclear stockpiles”, but to what end? Will it be because the world will be safer or will it be so America is fundamentally changed to a weakened position in the world-view? Do we maintain the steel fist in the velvet glove? Or, is that fist atrophied and soft from lack of exercise and the understanding flexibility is a matter of extending the reach of the muscles and tendons necessary to maintain a hold on world diplomacy?

So many Americans see Obama as a savior, a Black Jesuit emissary, sent by God. They believe he was given to us through a mixture of racial genetics proving the American melting pot is the way to bring peace to the world. But, Jesuit ideology and the personal egotism of the individual ministries nearly decimated Native American Tribes in the Americas. We see this in action again; today.

He isn’t and he never will be a savior. He’s a man with murky principles and even darker secrets holding the fate of the American people at arm’s length; and disclosed while muttering into open microphones.

Thanks for listening.



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