The daily tedium starts with the awareness politicians will speak enough clichés daily to send any pundit screaming from the room in hopes of: A.) removing himself from the vacuous speechifying, B.) distancing himself from the candidate’s generalized lack of verbal acumen necessary to get a thought across or, C.) being able to keep from slapping the idiot speaking with a two by four.

Political clichés have littered politics since “Oog” addressed the clan, hoping to move to better hunting grounds. I’m sure somewhere in his speech he alluded to “greener pastures” or that he had a “clear vision” as to the needs of the clan.

Nothing, apparently, changes.

Regularly we’re assailed with the knowledge of a “man of vision” seeking support or that another is a “maverick” bucking the system. One of the candidates will be said to be “good for the country” because “he knows what the country needs.” Most candidates need the menu to be read to them and the explained in small words so they don’t “lose traction” on the issue.

They’re all ready to “stand up to the Washington bureaucrats.” How do you do that when you become a part of the same group you say you’ll “stand up to?”

They say they’ll “focus on the issues.” They’ll “grow the economy.” We need somebody to weed the bloody economy and get rid of the garbage choking it. But, they’ll “fight for the American people.” They’re supposed to be elected to represent one small geographical/ political region, but “they’ll fight for the American people.” This appears to be proof positive the plan is to “grow government” more than to “empower people.”

The American people are aware “this country has a proud heritage.” Many served in the military or support industries creating this “heritage”. We don’t need some half-wit who’s “journeyed into the heartland.” Half-wit assures us “we’re the leaders of the free world” and “we’re the greatest country in the world.” We know “there’s no dream beyond our reach”; unless you count the dream of not being assailed by ego-maniacs looking for more power.

Liberals say “we’re a better stronger nation than we were 4 years ago!” But, “we still have a lot to do.” We’ll do it by recognizing “the middle-class deserves a tax cut!” But, “we must win the war on drugs” as “we need affordable prescription drugs for seniors” and “we need affordable healthcare for all!” Ultimately “the goal is to get tough on crime.” We must “break the gridlock in Washington” and “change the tone in Washington.

Political punditry contributes to this mess too. Commentators are guilty of pointing out the candidate “flip-flopped on this issue”, possibly because he has a “hidden agenda.” This could send him down a “slippery slope” creating “a changing political landscape.” We know “everything changed on September 11th” and caused “terrorism to wreak havoc on our democracy.” Politicians have “amassed a huge war chest” allowing them the chance to “throw his/her hat in the ring.” “He’s a left/right leaning centrist in the pocket of big business” but “he has the rank and file behind him.” He’ll maintain the lead if he can “press the flesh” to show “he’s gaining momentum in the race.” He’ll address voters’ issues and “solidify his base.” We note; “voters are tired of negative campaigning”; “all of the name calling” and the “mud-slinging in this campaign.” They may be guilty of “engaging in partisan politics” and “playing dirty politics” in this “smear campaign.”

Complaints against a competitor may be “character assassination” while people “play political hardball/ football, soccer or Hackey Sack.” We’re at a time where “the race is too close to call.”

Eventually, some candidate will wear out his tongue tripping over his clichés.

John Boehner will “kick the can down the road” one more time and I’ll kick his asp (sic) crosstown to a splintered bus stop.

In finality it we need to ask: “are you better off than 4 years ago?” And do you agree “it’s time for change, for a new beginning, for real leadership?”

“It’s time to move on” because nowhere was an issue discussed.

Troubling, isn’t it?

Thanks for listening.



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