Daniel Hannan In Canada

Our favorite Brit politician (with apologies to Nigel Farange) is Daniel Hannan. The guy might be the most articulate advocate for individual liberty, free-market economics and Western civilization, as properly defined by its roots in the Anglosphere, alive today.

And a couple of weeks ago he gave an address to the Manning Networking Conference in Ottawa, which is something akin to CPAC in Washington (at which Hannan also gave an outstanding talk).

This speech runs about 20 minutes, and we’ve got it in two parts here. It’s a pretty good rundown of the current British condition and why the Anglosphere and the community of values it represents (which is a better way to define it than just by the fact that Anglosphere countries are English-speaking) is so superior to the rest of the world – which for Hannan is the source of particular pain given his role as a member of the European Parliament. And it’s a congratulation of the Canadians for their having ridden out the world’s financial storm without taking on unsustainable debt and poisoning their population with government largesse. Canada, of course, has a Conservative government which rather than buying votes with public programs has opened up its territory for energy exploration and embraced a prosperity it’s never seen – and is now in a position to divorce its economic fate from America’s buy building a pipeline from the Alberta tar sands west to the Pacific and ship its product to China if we don’t wake up and allow the Keystone XL pipeline to be built.

Hannan doesn’t discuss energy. His is a quite general speech focused on history and philosophy. But it’s well worth a look.



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