Let’s Watch Some Stuff In Slow Motion

On YouTube you can find all kinds of interesting things.

Like for example, people who use slow-motion cameras and record cool stuff.

They’ve got a couple of guys in Australia who call themselves, and you’ll never believe this, “The Slow-Mo Guys.” And they do lots of wild stuff with water balloons and so forth.

Like this…

And there are also some things having to do with fire…

And they even did the old Mentos and Coke bit that we all used to do when we were kids…

But the Slow-Mo Guys aren’t the only ones making videos with slow-speed cameras. Like this guy, who shoots bullets at food & drink items.

Or this, which has people sneezing in slo-mo (it’s actually an ad telling you to get a flu shot, but it’s gross enough to include it here)…

Naturally, we wouldn’t be complete without some animals. But rather than do the usual slo-mo shots of dogs shaking themselves, which I’ll admit are always cool, how about something different – like lizards eating flies or crabs killing snails? Yeah, I thought y’all would like that better.



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