Of Course It’s About All The Kids—What, Are You As Retarded As Our Governor?

It was quite a day at the Capitol, as hordes of teachers were unleashed by their unions for a “professional development day.”

A professional development day is one in which teachers screw kids who are supposed to be preparing for the standardized tests they will take next week so they can act like jackasses protesting Gov. Jindal’s K-12 education reform package.

As I write this, a House Education Committee hearing has been deliberating for more than 12 hours on reform bills with no end in sight.

Here are the bills introduced in the House by Rep. Steve Carter:

  • HB976, which establishes a statewide voucher system, provides for the transfer of failing public schools to the Recovery School District and facilitates a few educational alternatives to traditional schools;
  • HB974, which reforms teacher tenure and reorients teacher compensation toward performance;  and
  • HB933, which creates and provides for an early childhood care and education network.

All indications are that they will pass—hopefully before my junior high aged daughter graduates from high school—where they will move to the Senate and we can start all of today’s committee fun over again. For my money, you can never get enough of Democrats droning on about how overhauling a failing school system will harm the poor and minorities.

It warmed my heart to see all these state employees being given the day off to embrace ultra lefty Legislators before they strolled into a committee room to preserve a very good jobs program that doesn’t do a very good job?

Being 49th in education nationwide doesn’t leave Louisiana’s kids very far to fall. And this is all about the kids, right?

Well, let’s ask some of the demonstrators at the Capitol why they turned out today and see. How about this lady:

Wow, something must be wrong here. This lady, a member the Black Alliance for Educational Options (BAEO), is for the governor’s reforms and seems to be concerned with providing her child with a quality education above all.

She is articulate, optimistic and believes that parents—the ones with the greatest vested interest in their kids—might be the ones best qualified to make decisions on the best way to educate them. Seems to make a lot of sense.

In all fairness, we need a counter argument on how the governor’s plans will be detrimental to our kids’ education. I shot these next couple of videos a little later in the day when most of the teachers that had been buses in had left.

C’mon valued Louisiana educators, tell us why you took a day off work to take a stand for our kids future.

Why are you here?

Okay…I didn’t really hear too much about education in all this. I did hear the word “tenure,” however. She couldn’t have come up from New Orleans just for that…it has to be about the kids.

I also heard this teacher call our governor “crazy” and “retarded.” Now, I’m not really the politically correct type, but I thought you were supposed to say that retarded people are “challenged” or have “special needs,”—you know the type of people that we are being told will suffer more than most under Jindal’s voucher plan.

Let’s give this one more try.

Hey teacher why did YOU leave those kids alone to come to the Capitol and protest the governor’s education reform package?

So, he wants teachers to start a newspaper. That sounds really cool–it sounds super–only I don’t know what it has to do with educating our kids. At least he did mention education, if only to say that Jindal’s reform would work to dumb down our kids, which he admits are already pretty dumb. Hmmmm…

One of the mantras I heard from teacher protesters today was that governor’s education overhaul would destroy Louisiana’s public school system as we know it.

If these teachers are any indication of the people teaching our kids, I say let’s destroy it quickly so we can build a better one in it’s place to give our kids a better future.

Even a crazy, retarded person would agree.



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