Thanks, Andrew

Today dawned with a note of sadness after it was reported that Andrew Breitbart, Agent Provocateur and Standard Bearer for the Conservative elements of this nation passed away of natural causes.

In light of the passing of Andrew Breitbart I can only offer my condolences to his family. We’ve lost a bright light on the landscape of American Conservatism but gained a brilliant star in the heavens above to guide us toward values and a sense of collective American Conscience we need to save this great nation. We’ll miss him sadly.

But now is the time we must take up that torch he lit and hold it higher. We must redouble his efforts and work all the harder to stop the overtaking of our nation by people seeking to degrade it to standards foreign to the American Ethic.

I never met the man. I chose to sit out the opportunity to go to New Orleans and avoid the politics and posturing of people I like less than I care for Obama. But Breitbart was there and spoke, enlivening an assembly and leading another groundswell of support for conservative issues. Breitbart was an example of what we should all become: engaged in the dynamic of dialogue and the questioning of the status quo. He accepted no man’s belief he was above the people. He rejected people chosen as representatives taking upon themselves the lulling of Americans into accepting they have no voice other than the ones stealing their participation in government.

Those of us, speaking against the machinations of Big Government, try leading so others may see our course diverging from those statist elements’ path. Big Government looks to take and remove control of the government BY the people to a point of government controlling the people.  Columnists and commentators are not heroes. We believe somebody must speak for people not being represented by a press and media infatuated with their self-importance and participation in the direction and conduct of government.

Breitbart strongly and courageously pursued his path to inform and correct perceptions given by liberal elements. His agenda was no more and no less than to expose the seamier and less pleasant side of their agendas and report them for what was there-not what was contrived and engineered to be perceived as there. The light he cast was directed toward the pursuit of truth. He knew the truth was somewhere in the gray area between the account of one reporting element in controversy to another’s different narrative.

The horizon will have new suns to split the darkness tomorrow morning and on all the subsequent mornings to come but this day is clouded and gray for the loss of a good man. It’s up to those he influenced to step up and get to work. His ideas and his ideals can’t be allowed to lose their intensity, their strength or the solar heat of his quest for justice for Americans under assault from within.

We must move on with his memory in our pack to sustain us when the going gets tough as he, and we, know it will.

Thanks, Andrew.

And Thanks for listening.



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