The Tao Of Ly(ing)

There are many ways to be inaccurate or spread disinformation.

You can:

  1. have bad research
  2. your facts can be old and out of date
  3. your facts have been poorly interpreted
  4. your facts are inconclusive
  5. your facts have been culled to reject unfavorable facts
  6. you are given incorrect information by people seeking to win favor by giving you what they think you want
  7. you direct your sources to investigate ONLY those sources favorable to your point of view
  8. and the last is; You simply demand your viewpoint is the only acceptable one to be known and accepted: that makes you a liar and a fool.

George Bush accepted what was given him as being true when he decided he wanted to invade Iraq because they were developing and possessed weapons of mass destruction. It was a lie fed him because those with axes to grind in Iraq wanted the “boss” to have what he wanted. That would be an excuse to take out a major player in Middle Eastern politics. Saddam Hussein was responsible for the slaughter of men, women and children with his usage of poison gas during efforts to kill as many Iranians as he could. He was effectively one of the worst threats to peace in the area and the world.

Bush accepted the lie. It was what he wanted to hear. He committed to years of war and death for our fighting forces. That’s something he must sleep with for the rest of his life, because I’m not sure it’s our place to decide the acceptability of another man’s morality.

We can only endure the aftermath of its implementation.

Barack Obama, Al Gore and others like them are no better than they proclaim anybody else to be. But they are in place and fully acceptant of what they can profit from in their places of power and influence. It’s one thing to be acceptant of something and to actively pursue it. It’s one thing to point out a problem and suggest it must be addressed with urgency; and it’s another to demand compliance with your personal mindset, demanding adherence to your principles or you’ll define your opposition as stupid, unknowing and as throwbacks to another age.

Al Gore says Global Warming/Climate Change is happening as a result of man’s greed and over-taxing of the environment. Man is doing this by polluting his atmosphere, dirtying his own environment and in general committing suicide and slow murder of his children. The only way Al Gore sees to control this problem is to give him ever-increasing amounts of money. He says this will solve the problem. He accepts NO other thought process or data derived by opponents or findings of contradictory information in professional studies.

Gore’s in it for himself. But he feathers his nest by putting faulty findings in studies proven to be inaccurate, ill-conceived and prejudiced toward the conclusion sought. There is no allowance for conflicting data or conclusions drawn from that data. The more Gore is challenged the nastier his rhetoric and his defense of his golden goose becomes. It’s a position taken by all greedy, self-serving politicians. He couldn’t become president so he became an entrepreneur and is making millions to stack on top of his millions.

Enter Barack Obama.

Obama is an ideologue; no matter how much he seeks to deny it. He projects the party line of all Progressive/Socialist politicians. The State is all-knowing. It is all-powerful. It is without equal and it is without peer. He, as president, is the controller of all things American and as such is all of the above.

Obama takes and accepts ONLY the facts he wants. He commands he receive ONLY the facts make his point true. He shapes the present to mold the future. He directs the course of discussion so he can control the dialogue. He takes the false and scrubs it with pithy rhetoric, elevates the bombast during speeches before partisan audiences and broadcasts the results as the gospel according to Marx and Saul Alinsky.

There are many ways to tell a lie. Obama uses them all.

Thanks for listening.



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