Thursday We’ll Have More Of These People At The Capitol…

…last week at the House Education Committee’s 16-hour marathon hearing, we got to see lots of people testifying who weren’t exactly the most polished or focused speakers on earth.

Here are some highlights of those witnesses.

Ask yourself if you’d like to see more of this at the Capitol as the governor’s education reform plan moves to final passage. Think this would help the debate along?

We’ve had 25 hours of debate already, with these being some of the superstar speakers of the teachers’ unions. With what they’ve already contributed, we’re now being told by someone named Thomas Robicheaux, the president of the Orleans Parish School Board (he’s a disaster by virtually any standard) that Gov. Jindal is Benito Mussolini and Rep. Sam Jones (D-Franklin) is running around comparing Republicans to Nazis.

Because the duly-elected majority in the legislature and the governor the Democrats were not even capable of running somebody against last year isn’t interested in sitting through more of this? Really?

The way the debate will work on Thursday, the Verita Lees of the world will have to hang out in the hallway. Only legislators get to speak on the floor. We’ll hear plenty enough screaming and moaning, though, from the John Bel Edwardses and the Pat Smiths of the world.

They’re a little better than some of the folks in the video above. But they’ll put on a show, too, before this goes to a vote.

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