Public Records Request Sent For Edwards’ Emails

How about a little breaking news from The Hayride?

Rep. John Bel Edwards, Gov. Jindal’s primary antagonist in his education reform initiative making its way through the Legislature, took to the House floor today to bemoan the response to the Democrat’s press conference delivered yesterday by Education Superintendent John White and others.

In his talk, Edwards revealed that a public records request has been sent to the state for his email correspondences with Louisiana Federation of Teachers President Steve Monaghan and other federation employees made on his office computer.

Here is the video. I apologize for the shaky part, but the camera had to be re-positioned after other House members obstructed the shot:

Edwards didn’t mention who had made the request, but after a little probing it was learned that it came from Christensen Doré Jeansonne & Shahla, the law firm of Jason Doré, executive director of the Louisiana Republican Party.

The firm has also asked Tangipahoa Parish—represented by Edwards— for contact information of teachers, according to Edwards.

This is all pretty new, so The Hayride will be following this to see where it all leads. Stay tuned.



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