VIDEO: Joe Biden Panders To Senior Citizens In Florida


Tell lie after lie, then punctuate it with passion and vitriol. At least he didn’t feel up a cop this time.

The subject is Mitt Romney’s support for the Cut, Cap and Balance idea the Republicans in Congress came up with last year. Biden says the cut is to Social Security, the Cap is to the obligations the rich owe and the Balance is balancing the budget on the backs of old people and the middle class.

Does Biden have a plan to balance the budget? Does he care that by 2027 the CBO can’t even predict the existence of the American economy because we’ll be so far gone with debt? Is he embarrassed at all that all four years he’s been involved with this White House we’re likely to have run at least a trillion-dollar deficit?

Of course not. And particularly to the last. He wouldn’t be Joe Biden if he was capable of embarrassment.

But this is the campaign we’re going to have. Shameless pandering, provable lies, divide and conquer. Old vs. young, black vs. white, rich vs. poor, gay vs. straight, men vs. women, Spanish vs. English, religious vs. secular, union vs. non-union.

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