Dennis Prager’s Outstanding Column On Racism, Or The Lack Thereof

In light of this horrendous flyer being circulated in Monroe’s black community by supporters of the incumbent Democrat mayor up for re-election against a white Republican on Saturday, it’s worth mentioning a terrific piece Dennis Prager wrote last week on the question of race in America.

Prager gets in the face of the Democrats on race, and he explodes their narrative on the subject.

How? By declaring that this is the least racist country on earth.

Black Africans know this. That is why so many seek to live in the United States. Decades ago, the number of black Africans who had immigrated to the United States had already surpassed the number of black Africans who were forcibly shipped to America as slaves.

And members of other races and nationalities know this. Even Muslim and Arab writers have noted that nowhere in the Arab or larger Muslim world does an Arab or any other Muslim have the individual rights, liberty, and dignity that a Muslim living in America has. As for Latinos and Asians, vast numbers of them from El Salvador to Korea regard America as the land of opportunity.

And when any of these people come here – from anywhere, speaking any language, looking like a member of any race — they are accepted as Americans the moment they identify as such. He or she will be regarded as fully American. This is not true elsewhere. A third-generation Turkish-German, whose German is indistinguishable from the German spoken by an indigenous German, will still be regarded by most Germans as a Turk. The same holds true elsewhere in Europe.

On the other hand, a first-generation Turkish American, who speaks English with a heavy Turkish accent, but who identifies as American, will be regarded every bit as American as anyone else.

As is often the case, a foreigner pointed this out most clearly. On a visit to America in February, The president of Georgia, Mikheil Saakashvili, said:

“The other day, I was in a small company — and there were Asians, Koreans, Middle Easterners, some other people. And they had been in America for, like, two, three, four years. And they talk American. They look American. Body language is American. I’m sure they already think American. Go to Korea and become Korean in one or two years’ time. Good luck with that. That’s what’s so special about this country.”

Xenophobic? It is probably fair to say that most Americans are xenophiles. Last week, in Tampa, I met a 40 year-old man who works at a cigar lounge and bar. I commented on all the good-looking women who entered his establishment, and he told me that despite his low salary, that is precisely the reason he works there. They flock to him, he said.

“Why?” I asked.

“Because of my accent.” He was from Russia.

Of course, Prager is blowing open the race issue by bringing ethnicities outside of those the Democrats like to talk about into the discussion.

The Democrat narrative on race goes like this – white conservatives (they’d prefer to say white Republicans, except that history doesn’t really help them if they go that route) have been attempting to hold back and impoverish the black community for hundreds of years or at least for decades, and now white conservatives have turned their guns on Hispanics with all their screaming about illegal aliens. And by the way, “illegal aliens” is a perjorative term and we really ought to refer to those nice folks as “undocumented Americans.” But in any event, white racism as it’s now found in the Republican party is super-sneaky and you’ve got to look for it under rocks – but it’s there. It’s there in efforts to put criminals in jail and keep them there. It’s there in efforts at school choice. It’s there in efforts at welfare reform. It’s there in efforts at voter ID laws. It’s there in efforts to fight affirmative action. It’s there in efforts at flattening the tax rates. And so on.

And you have to see those efforts not on an individual basis but taken together. Because taken together they’re about sticking it to black folks and undocumented Americans. And many of these white conservatives don’t even know they’re racist, but they are anyway – because they’re products of a racist system that keeps blacks and undocumented Americans down.

And it’s really important that everybody buy into this narrative on race. Because if you don’t buy into it, the whole house of cards comes down.

If you stipulate that a disproportionate number of incarcerated criminals – or murderers on Death Row – are black, but that an even more disproportionate number of their victims are black, it hurts the narrative of tough-on-crime being racist. God forbid that something be done to get the criminals off the streets in black communities so law-abiding folks can live their lives without fear of getting robbed, raped, beaten or killed; that would be horrible.

School choice initiatives which are almost always aimed at helping black parents to escape the near-universally awful products of government school systems in urban areas are racist, because those parents – mostly black, we’re supposed to believe – who don’t take advantage of them are going to find their kids stuck in even worse schools. And we can’t raise the stakes for folks who won’t take initiative to help themselves if those folks happen to be black; they’re not capable of doing so and if you believe they can make good decisions you’re racist.

Welfare dependency and the elimination of fatherhood as a necessary element in child-rearing – or the role of the male as a household breadwinner – has to be accepted as a sign of the times in the black community even though blacks who believe in traditional families do everything they can to escape black neighborhoods and black commentators decry the societal trend. But if you push for a change in an inarguably destructive system, you’re a racist – we certainly can’t have people developing marketable skills, behaving according to traditional societal norms and using those skills and behaviors to move into the middle class. After all, that’s fascistic and Eurocentric thinking.

You can’t insure that people are actually eligible to vote when they show up at the polls. Because that’s a racist thing to do. And it’s racist to question why it is that the opponents of voter ID laws suggest the effect of them would be to depress turnout in the black or undocumented American community while at the same time denying that vote fraud occurs in any significant amount within the black or undocumented American community. Again – no vote fraud in those communities, but if you put measures in place to insure there’s no vote fraud you’re going to depress the vote there.

And it’s racist to suggest that a system by which decisions on academic admissions or hiring must be made on the basis of race is itself a racist system. It’s also racist to suggest that people paying a disproportionate amount of the tax burden get some relief in order to increase charitable giving or private-sector investment – because somehow those people will apparently make decisions with that money which will comparatively disadvantage blacks and undocumented Americans. How are we to know this? We just do.

And on, and on.

Prager notes that if average folks of all races would examine the foolishness of these contentions the Democrat Party would be in a lot of trouble…

The left-wing drumbeat about America as racist is a combination of politics and black memory.

The political aspect is this: The Democrats and the left recognize that if blacks cease viewing themselves as victims of racism, the Democratic Party can no longer offer itself as black America’s savior. And if only one out of three black Americans ceases to regard to himself as a victim of racism, and votes accordingly, it will be very difficult for Democrats to win any national election.

The other issue is black memory. Apparently, most blacks either cannot or refuse to believe that the vast majority of whites are no longer racist. Most Americans were hopeful that the election of a black president — thereby making America the first white society in history to choose a black leader — would finally put to rest the myth of a racist America. More than three years later it seems not to have accomplished a thing. I now suspect that if the president, the vice-president, the entire cabinet, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and all nine justices on the Supreme Court were black, it would have no impact on blacks who believe America is a racist society — or on the left-wing depiction of America as racist.

One can only conclude that the smearing of America’s good name is one of the things at which the left has been most proficient.

It’s past time we get over this idiocy. And it’s past time that we start punishing those who would pit us against each other on the basis of our ancestry.



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