From The Space Station: What A Wonderful World…

A new video from NASA filmed by the Expedition 30 crew from the International Space Station shows a time-lapse sequence that takes you around the word in four minutes.

Louie Armstrong’s “What A Wonderful World,” would have been preferable to the one they chose for the video, but nobody asked me. Still, this is awesone and very beautiful:

If you were wondering, the video starts out with stars over the southern sky—sounds like a country song.
Here are the places that can seen throughout the rest of the video:

:08 — US west coast to Canada
:21 — Central Europe to the Middle East
:36 — Aurora Australis over the Indian Ocean
:54 — Storms over Africa
1:08 — Central United States
1:20 — Midwest United States
1:33 — United Kingdom to Baltic Sea
1:46 — Moonset
1:55 — Northern United States to Eastern Canada
2:12 — Aurora Australis over the Indian Ocean
2:32 — Comet Lovejoy
2:53 — Aurora Borealis over Hudson Bay
3:06 — United Kingdom to Central Europe



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