Into The Crystal Ball

It’s annoying when people say we must accept Mitt Romney as the Republican Party candidate. Their saying we must accept the reality Mitt will collect the necessary votes for the nomination is rather insulting for those of us still asking the question: if your candidate fails to win election, do YOU really have a representative in that office? Obviously, there were issues caused you to view the so-called winner as unsuitable. Must you simply accept the allegedly inevitable? Or, cast your ballot as a vote against the incumbent because your side picked a less than stellar candidate? One must wonder.

Now, the pundits gaze deeply into their crystal balls to divine who should be the best running mate for Romney. Rubio, Christie, Jindal and others have their names bandied about like tennis balls at Wimbledon.

Rubio’s a neophyte. He’s a good, young politician without a great deal of time learning his job as a senator, let alone learning the political CPR he’ll need to be proficient with because he’ll be one heartbeat away from the presidency. He’ll also be working against Romney’s less than exciting Progressive moderation he espoused while kissing Ted Kennedy’s aspirations in Massachusetts. RomneyCare is a tough pitch to deliver; and Obama’s going to hit that ball hard and regularly. Ricky Ricardo good looks and the ability to entrance Latina hearts aren’t quite enough to squash doubts on this issue.

I admire Chris Christie for his forthright approach to problems. His concept of diplomacy is refreshing because it’s anything but diplomatic at times. Obama should fear this man recognizing he’s being fed a line. Christie’s more likely to reject the meal and suggest the menu change benefiting the people bellying up to the table for sustenance.

But, he says he wants to complete his job in New Jersey before he tries out for the big leagues. If he accepts a Vice Presidential nod, I’ll lose a lot of respect for him because it’ll mean everything he said before carries no weight; therefore nothing he’ll say in the future will be without suspicion of being based on political expedience.

Speaking of expedience; we come to Piyush Jindal or Bullet Point Bobby as some not-so- lovingly refer to him in Louisiana. His high profile presence in a majority of states beyond the borders of Louisiana to salt his campaign larder has proven to many, his continual past statements of NOT wanting to run for Vice President carries as much integrity as his support of ethics legislation and standards for everybody else but him. While proclaiming he’s above the pettiness of politics he’s neutered oppositional legislators for turning their backs on his majesty.

The Washington Post says Jindal would be a good choice for Romney. That’s scary.

Saying Jindal is a conservative is like saying asphalt and baby-oil are the same things. They’re petroleum based but which will you soothe your baby’s skin with? In this case one is oppressively harsh and the other is slick and dangerous in its lubricity. You can figure out which one Jindal is. Come to think of it; he qualifies as both.

Jindal offered an embarrassing response to Obama’s State of the Union address a couple of years ago. He denigrated America’s need for volcano research. I guess Hawaii, Oregon, Washington State and others areas sitting atop eons old caldera (collapsed volcanic cones with subterranean activity) weren’t on the itinerary of money-junkets Jindal attended at Louisiana Taxpayer expense. This was a serious gaffe though Jindal’s considered an expert public speaker. Some say he’s superior to Obama because he doesn’t need a teleprompter. Ask Obama a question; he gets lost and says little making sense. Ask Piyush; he reverts to memorized bullet-points and essentially says little making sense or actually answering the question. Neither can be expected to tell the truth. They tell it as they want it to be seen. They say it as they want to be seen.

Jindal is an excellent example of Obama’s flexibility statement to the Russian. After the election both would have the flexibility they need to do what they want; not necessarily get you what you need.

Thanks for listening.


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