Landry: Let the Crucifixion End, Fire Armendariz & Obama

WASHINGTON, DC – Congressman Jeff Landry (R, LA-03), who famously held a “Drilling=Jobs” sign during the President’s national address on jobs, is calling for the firing on Region 6 EPA Administrator Al Armendariz amid the release of video footage showing Armendariz touting the EPA’s crucifixion of oil companies.

“From issuing an offshore drilling moratorium to subsidizing exploration and production in Brazil to threatening tax increases on domestic energy companies – the President has made his intentions clear: restrict, manipulate, and regulate domestic energy companies into extinction,” said Landry. “The video footage of Armendariz is further proof the Obama Administration wants nothing more than to kill our fossil fuel industry.”

“The EPA’s web of regulations and hatred for oil companies does not make America safer; it only causes American job loss and high energy prices,” continued Landry.

“Americans should have no doubt that 4 more years of Mr. Obama in the White House is 4 more years of extremely high gas prices,” declared Landry. “So, for the sake of American families and businesses, I am not only calling for the firing of Dr. Armendariz but also that of his boss – President Obama.”

via Landry: Let the Crucifixion End, Fire Armendariz & Obama | Congressman Jeff Landry.



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