President Glenn Beck?

No, Beck isn’t running for the Oval Office. He just built his own at his new GBTV Dallas, Texas studios—it’s a lot less hassle that way.

Beck announced today on his Internet TV show that he has created an exact replica of the Oval Office so he can deliver weekly addresses to the nation on what the president should have said.

The set was originally used in the movie “JFK” and Beck had it completely refurbished and built to the exact dimensions of the real Oval Office.  One difference is that Beck’s Oval Office comes with the Winston Churchill bust that Obama gave back to Great Britain–or a least a replica of it.

This has the potential to be a lot of fun and the notion of speeches delivered from a “President Beck” in his own Oval Office is sure to rile a lot of lefties:

Beck plans to work in his Oval Office one day a week as part of a regular session in his weekday television show. That means he will roughly spend as much time in his version of the office as Obama does in the real Oval Office between rounds of golf.

My guess is that Beck’s Oval Office speeches will also make a lot more sense than Obama’s and some of them might even be worth re-posting on The Hayride.  We’ll have to wait and see.



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