The Obligatory Bill-Clinton-And-Colombian-Hookers Post

I figured I’d beat Oscar to the punch with this one.


The Secret Service-hooker scandal is a depressing story, as it’s emblematic of an American government that no longer seems to be able to do anything right anymore. It took less time to beat the Germans and Japanese in World War II than it took the Obama administration to decide not to issue a permit for the Keystone XL pipeline. And now we have this massive and expensive Secret Service detail leading the president around and not only do they play around with Colombian hookers but they won’t even pay them.

And then of course there’s what’s going on in Washington today, which is the flight of the space shuttle Discovery to Dulles Airport. It’s going to be a museum piece along with the rest of our space program since Obama’s NASA head says we’re now going to spend that money on Muslim outreach (as though it’s a good idea to get Muslims interested in rockets and missiles).

But if you can laugh about American decline, then combining Bill Clinton with hookers is always a winner.

UPDATE (Oscar): Hell, I can beat that…

UPDATE (MacAoidh): This’ll compete with much of the marketplace…



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