Did Obama Know Bin Laden’s Whereabouts For A Year Before Acting?

Sure didn’t know about this.

It’s Gen. Jack Keane,  the former Vice Chief of Staff of the Army, making the accusation that we knew about Osama bin Laden’s hideout in Abbottabad in the summer of 2010 – almost a year before we actually hit it.

From Huckabee’s show Saturday night…

If there is any truth to this, and one imagines it’s going to get vetted to an extent this week, it’s going to have an effect – particularly in light of last week’s one year anniversary touchdown dance the administration did on the subject. Complete, our readers might remember, with the accusation that Mitt Romney wouldn’t have gone after bin Laden.

Romney now has an opening to say “Yeah, I wouldn’t have gone after bin Laden like Obama did. I wouldn’t have waited an entire year like a candy-ass before sending a team in there.”

Is anybody else noticing that every time Obama puts something out there, he ends up getting called out badly? This just doesn’t look like a president on the verge of getting re-elected. Sorry, but it doesn’t.

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