Gingrich On Bain Capital: This Crap Didn’t Work For Me, And It Won’t Work For Obama

Via Breitbart.

Newt hits all the highlights here. First, that when he and Rick Perry tried to beat Romney up over Bain Capital it didn’t work, because people recognized that sometimes an equity firm will have a hit investing in a given company and create lots of jobs, and sometimes they’ll miss and have to lay a bunch of people off. Folks get that, and because they get it they’re not going to see Romney as the devil for having been in that business.

And second, Newt nails it on Obama being precisely the wrong guy to attack Romney on Bain Capital. Who is Obama to talk about Romney’s record on jobs? Obama is the guy who brought us Solyndra, and Beacon Power, and Ener1, and LightSquared. Obama can gripe all he wants about Bain Capital’s bad economic bets and the people who lost their jobs when some of those bets were liquidated – but it wasn’t taxpayer money wasted on stupid green energy crony investments by a president who decided to play at being a venture capitalist.

Newt’s going to make a heck of a surrogate for Romney in this campaign. Probably a lot better surrogate than a candidate, truth be told. And on this issue, he’s got a good story to tell.



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