We’d Be Better Off It Teachers Would Teach Their Subjects Rather Than Proselytizing


The Internet’s ablaze with a North Carolina school teacher’s berating a student not accepting her deification of Beaurat Obama. It was captured on audio and allegedly on videotape. She’s a Social Studies teacher. Her political position is slanted to the point of creating a precipice over which her students may fall if they disagree with her.

I think she’s simply a bigoted person with a leash drive to influence student hostages to follow Beaurat Obama as the Political Pied Piper he is. The bigotry shows in her strident commentary and usage of either lies or the dominion of her monumental ignorance to bully students disagreeing with her.

Bigotry is defined in Wikipedia as: intolerance toward those who hold different opinions from oneself. It needn’t involve racism. I’m not sure, but I thought teachers were supposed to “teach” what’s known on any given subject. They’re allowed to promote free thought and discussion concerning unproven theories and subjects open to conjecture.

They’re not permitted to DEMAND mindless compliance with their personal ideologies; then punish the students with derision, contempt, bullying tactics and diminished grades points affecting quantitative and qualitative appearances of the student’s school performance. Respectful discussion and debate are essential in the free world. Anything less, anything approaching reproach and humiliation for a personal opinion, borders on totalitarianism. To have this happen in the fertile ground of a teenager’s educable mind borders on immorality.

The kid’s challenge is wrong because he’s profane at times; BUT THE TEACHER MATCHES HIS IMPROPER LANGUAGE IN SEVERAL CASES! Who gave her permission to drop into a gutter to get her point across in a public classroom? The local populace pays her to maintain control of herself, her emotions and her classroom. They don’t pay her to campaign for Beaurat Obama. She doesn’t have the right to contradict parental controls and guidance in politics.

This is all the more egregious because the teacher doesn’t even have a command of her subject – Social Studies. “Social Studies” is a course of instruction comprising such subjects as history, civics, geography etc. This teacher shows a remarkable ignorance concerning the Constitution, Current Events, Political Science and coincidentally the ability to put forth any of these subjects to her students. She surely shows NO evidence of any ability to debate coherently. She’s a dictatorial screamer.

That’s a great teaching technique lady; yell at the student while making stupid statements and imparting incorrect information simply because you need to win the argument you started.

Slander as you referred to it is a civil offense allowing you to be sued. Rarely is it tried in court criminally. Nobody was jailed for speaking ill of George W. Bush. In some cases it was fun.

Lady; it’s not a criminal offense to call Beaurat Obama a fool. It’s opinion. It’s protected speech under the First Amendment. The kid’s allowed an opinion. The main difference is the kid can’t give you a failing grade after getting into it with you in class.

Lady; you’re an excellent example of the theory I’ve espoused for many years. That theory states: a diploma is NOT an indicator of intelligence or even the ingestion of large amounts of knowledge force-fed to people convinced higher education makes a more “well-rounded person”. There are too many hyper-educated, certified dumb-basses sporting elevated esteem because they possess diplomas.

Diplomas are no more than paper granted by some organization that accepted large amounts of money to quantify your credit hours in search of validation. Diplomas don’t show you’re smart. They show you have a diploma. For twenty bucks I can get a diploma from a Diploma Mill. It’ll mean as much as yours evidently.

Diplomas don’t quantify your value as a person. They indicate you may have been among the best in a field of mediocre dreams. The proof of your ability to perform is in how you fulfill your job description. It’s obvious you fall short. You deserve the suspension reported by Fox News (5-22-2012)

Teachers! LISTEN UP!

Your job is to instruct a specific curriculum. You may NOT force your values on students. Teach the subject; not the substance of your ignorance, bigotry and prejudice.

Thanks for listening.

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