Debby’s A Whole Lotta Nothin’ For Louisiana

At least that’s what it looks like now.

It’s beating up Florida pretty good at the moment, and this past weekend the Tampa Bay area was smacked around quite a bit. A couple of waterspouts came ashore in Clearwater and St. Pete – including one on Clearwater Beach which did some major damage to the house of Tommy DuPont. He’s the publisher of the DuPont Registry, which is that magazine with all the Ferraris and beachfront mansions for sale folks who dream about being rich like to look at.

No tornadoes here. Not even any rain.

Billy Nungesser’s out there in Plaquemines Parish throwin’ dirt into Hesco baskets, which probably isn’t a bad idea since it’s hurricane season. But the mojo’s workin’ – Billy scared Debby off.

Or maybe it was the governor who scared Debby off. He dialed up a State of Emergency and showed her we mean business around here. She wet herself – or wet Florida, as the case may be – and bugged out to the east.

Maybe Jindal oughta be Veep after all. He gets stuff done or else people get sad, quick. Just ask Jim Morris and Cynthia Bridges if you don’t think so. Debby’s pretty smart for a tropical storm, I guess.




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