DICK MORRIS VIDEO: Romney’s Going To Have A Big Financial Edge On Obama

Says there is a probability that Romney and the Republican PAC’s will outspend Obama by a 2-1 margin, or more.

So much for the billion-dollar campaign.

Morris notes that the $200-or-more donors from 2008, the vast majority of them haven’t donated to Obama this time around. All he has is the captive groups, but not the free donors he had last year.

And he also says Romney’s ad dollars are all coming out of the PAC’s which support him, so he’s been able to bank $110 million for the campaign accounts – Obama won’t release his cash-on-hand number.

And Morris predicts by July the two campaigns will be even in cash on hand, while Romney’s PAC’s will have two to three times what Obama’s PAC’s have.

And a telltale effect of this, he says, will be that Romney will use this financial advantage Morris predicts, in going into states like Minnesota and New Jersey that Obama heretofore has claimed as his territory – which would force the president to expend resources in places he doesn’t want to expend them, and fighting the election in New Jersey rather than Florida, if you’re a Democrat, means you’ve lost.

It’s a nice scenario. Will it play out that way? We think it’s likely, and Morris has been right for the most part so far in how this election has played out. But it’s impossible to say this far from Election Day.

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