Hey, What Happened In Wisconsin?

I thought we had a down-to-the-wire thing.


NBC went from saying it was a dead heat to calling it for Walker…in 51 minutes? Who’s gettin’ fired for THAT?

Mike Bayham, who I understand is 1/32nd nutria, gave me this…

They tell me Dick Trumka is out walkin’ on the highway with a bottle of Ripple. Tomorrow he’ll sober up and tell us this had nothing to do with unions. And it absolutely had nothin’ to do with him…

Laugh, Dick. Go ahead.

$10 million, at least, the unions spent on a recall it looks like they got their asses handed to ’em in.

It’s gonna be hilarious listenin’ to the lefties try to downplay this. Hilarious. They wasted a huge stack of coin on a hopeless recall, and proved in doing it that you can gut the public employee unions like a fish without gettin’ killed for it. Now every Republican governor in the country is going after Right-To-Work, dumping direct deposit for automatic union dues and doing away with collective bargaining with politicians, which was always a stacked deck with the public gettin’ raped.

And they proved that even in a state Republican presidential wannabes haven’t carried since 1984 the voters care about keepin’ the budget balanced. Which ain’t too good when you’re tryin’ to keep a dude in office who runs a TRILLION-DOLLAR DEFICIT every year. Payin’ $10 million to find out that you’re screwed can’t be too good a feelin’.

Two things you can count on. Well, one and a half. First, tomorrow you’ll hear nothin’ but “this was just a Wisconin thing” from every Democrat on TV.

And the second thing; either you’re all of a sudden gonna see Barack Obama start runnin’ to the center (he’ll suck at it if he tries, mind you) or there will be Clinton Dems comin’ out of the woodwork screamin’ that he has to or else he’s gonna get kilt.

But I smell somethin’.

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