AZ Democratic U.S. Senate Candidate Disses Obama…

It’s gotta be depressing to be Barack Obama this week. If the Scott Walker win in Wisconsin wasn’t enough to give him a serious case of the blues, consider what’s going on in Arizona:

You are the president of the United States who was brought to office nearly four years ago heralded by your fellow Democrats as savior of the nation and the world. Near the end of your first term, you take the time to phone up a Democrat out in Arizona to ask him to run for the U.S. Senate and when the press asks him about the call he basically says, “What? I hardly know the guy…I might have met him once, but he’s no friend of mine.”

To add insult to injury, the Democratic Senate candidate, Richard Carmona,  plays up his connections to your predecessor—the Republican you have been blaming all the nation’s problems on. Carmona served in Bush’s administration as surgeon general for a while and he wants to make damn sure that voters don’t forget THAT:

Back in 2009, when Obama was gearing up to deliver a commence address at Arizona State University, a survey released by the school showed that 53  percent of voters in Arizona approved of Obama’s job performance while 36 percent didn’t.

These days,  only 41 percent of Arizona voters approve of Obama’s job performance and 56 percent disapprove, which is why Democrats like Carmona are running from him. Do you think that the president dropping in the polls in Arizona has anything to do with him sicking the Justice Department on the state’s efforts to control illegal immigration?  That might have something to do with it or just the fact that Obama is an all-around sucky president—something the Main-Stream-Media can’t hide no matter how hard it tries.

Ron Barber, the Democrat trying to win Gabrielle Giffords congressional seat, wouldn’t even admit that he was voting for Obama when asked in a debate a couple of weeks ago who he likes for president. That’s got to hurt:

I almost feel sorry for the president watching Democrats vying for national office in Arizona work to distance themselves from him. Almost, but not really.

Still, I hope that he isn’t locked in some dark room at the White House listening to stuff like this. That wouldn’t be good:

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