If This Wasn’t Actually An Obama Ad, It Would Be An Outrage – Right?

Seriously – can you imagine what the reaction would be if somebody threw this together and put it up on YouTube to make fun of the President’s African-American outreach?


The message, as it will resound to many blacks? Aside for the usual class warfare screed, he’s telling them that he expects solidarity so that the presidency ‘doesn’t go back to Whitey’. And that’s exactly how it will be perceived by a significant number.

Riddle me this…what do you suppose the media would be saying if Mitt Romney ran a radio ad targeted almost exclusively at Mormons saying ‘it’s time one of us was in the White House and I need you to have my back’? Or if he issued an ad targeted at Caucasians saying, ‘it’s time the White House was back in white hands again, and I need your help’ ?

If you examine this ad, that’s only a slightly more blatant version of what’s being said here.Subtext is everything.

Hopefully people will see this as yet another attempt by President Obama to divide Americans and ride those divisions into power.

Since Obama is doing blaxploitation ads, the rest of us probably ought to have free reign to put out spoofs on YouTube, right?

Like this?

Not Soul Train enough? OK, let’s try again…

Gettin’ there, but of course LMFAO isn’t exactly Don Cornelius. We’ll try harder.

Actually, it’s not that hard. It was done four years ago.

When your actual ads have the same vibe as the parodies of your ads, it means you’ve become a parody of yourself.

It means you’re ridiculous.

Sometimes ridiculous presidents get re-elected. Most of the time they don’t.

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