Justice For Jerry Sandusky, Via Pink Floyd

Here’s a post that needs theme music. And we’ll get that started right now…

Jerry Sandusky’s going to get really familiar with that song. The inmates at his new crib will make sure of that.

Today, he is at the Centre County Correctional Facility — the same lockup where he spent a night in December. That night, the other prisoners harassed him. Now, they’re more than likely to do it again.

His last time behind bars, Sandusky was held alone in a cell in a special unit reserved for sexual offenders or people with mental illnesses, according to another inmate there last winter. The 22-year-old offender identified himself as Josh and asked that his surname not be used because he is embarrassed about his crime.

Other prisoners were barred from communicating directly with Sandusky, but they could see him. And when the lights went out, inmates serenaded the disgraced coach with a famous line from Pink Floyd’s “The Wall.”

“At night, we were singing ‘Hey, teacher, leave those kids alone,’ ” Josh said, adding that everyone knew who Sandusky was because inmates had access to television and newspapers. The jail can hold 349 inmates.

Sandusky landed in jail on that occasion after a grand jury voted to add additional counts to the explosive allegations first filed against him in November.

There’s a lot to be said for the old practice of givin’ a guy like Sandusky a gun with one bullet and lettin’ him go out like a gentleman.

One bullet is cheaper on the taxpayers than 10-20 years of feedin’ and clothin’ a child molester.

Either way, Sandusky’s gonna get treated like he treated those kids. For the rest of his time on the planet.



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