Leaking Intelligence

in·teg·ri·ty (n) 1. adherence to moral and ethical principles; soundness of moral character; honesty. 2. the state of being whole, entire, or undiminished 3. a sound, unimpaired, or perfect condition

 – www.dictionary.com

Attorney General Eric Holder wants a group of Obama supporters to investigate the Obama Administration to determine if there was wrong-doing concerning Intelligence leaks alleged to be committed by Obama employees. Is that what we’re expected to understand?

Hmmmmmm. Gotta think about that for a minute.

This would be okay if we follow the Capone Principle. That’s where Al Capone, noted gangster and murderer, was tried for Income Tax evasion. Two juries (2) were selected. One was obviously selected in public. The second was secret and unknown to Capone’s defense team. Capone had allegedly bribed, threatened and extorted several members of the first jury to assure his acquittal. When the first, crooked jury was to be seated, the judge switched to the second, secret jury Capone knew nothing about. Capone’s heavy-handed machinations failed.

Good-bye Chicago; hello Alcatraz.

Because it appears Eric Holder has NO understanding of the definition in the header of this column I’ll go slowly, try to use little words and get to the point as quickly as possible for him.

Mr. Holder; in light of the fact you’ve spent the last few months falsely declaring your ignorance of the Fast & Furious fiasco and the death of Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry; you’ve declared your innocence of any lies, dishonesties, deceits, falsehoods, fabrications or inaccuracies concerning this matter: why the heck should the American people and Congress accept YOUR judgment when it comes to hiring investigators we know are financial contributors to your boss, Beaurat Obama? Must it be pointed out to you (a college educated and appointed political hack with questionable legal expertise beyond toting the leftist bucket of spit your party pours into our laps daily) we feel you have NO integrity to begin with?

You’ve taken the understanding of political opportunism to a new height of transparent dishonesty. It’s been noted there are fewer twists and turns committed by a box full of snakes dropped on a hot stove than the way and manner you’ve ducked and dodged Congress’s command to produce records of Fast & Furious. These are records you know exist but REFUSE to turn over because they’ll embarrass you and lay an indictment of amateurish incompetence at the feet of your boss: Beaurat Obama. You’ve already clothed yourself in that cape of over-arching ineptitude and indifference to previous examples of excellence in office.

There is a need for a completely non-partisan investigation into this matter. We need people with no monetary or political ties to Congress or the administration. This would seem obvious to all but those needing to “job the jury” or influence it because of loyalty to “the old school tie”. It’d be advantageous to employ former Justice Department employees distanced by at least one prior administration and from both political parties. Any failures to agree with the investigative findings would be placed before the people for their final judgment. But the facts must be published and the chips allowed to fall where they may.

Holder, if you told the American people the sun arose in the East; I’d suggest they rise early and check it with a compass. Your words are laid upon an ideological, foundational coat of Democratic Party Primer and tinted with self-service. Your color wheel is muddy brown showing the tainted, polluted swath of septic hypocrisy this administration has become noted for. At this late date we see there’s no longer an attempt to filter truth through the integrity you self-proclaim to be the hallmark of your administration. The flower of truth and justice for Brian Terry wilts from the poisoned drivel you spout.

Accepting YOUR selection for people investigating ANY mess capable of exposing you and your boss as the incompetents you are would be laughable were it not for the disdain it shows for us as Americans.

Obama thinks it “offensive” to be accused of leaking intelligence. I find it offensive to note you and he have no intelligence whatsoever.

Thanks for listening.



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