Logic, Humanism And American Politics

Humanism focuses on human values. It concerns human’s logic based understanding of moral stance as opposed to divine teachings and beliefs. Humanism is a perspective elevating human nature, through understanding logic, reason, human nature and men’s understanding of justice. Humanism rejects the belief in the divine and supplants it with the balancing of human needs, interests and abilities.

Humanists believe humanity should seek truth through active reason and the best evidence gathered and understood. They recommend scientific skepticism and the acceptance of scientific method. Religious and secular humanism arose from controversy concerning deism and anti-clericalism during the Period of Enlightenment in progressive medieval times.

The main argument is that man, through introspection and dynamic debate and without the guidance of any deity, can sufficiently deduce the moral path needing travel to arrive at a moral decision. Again, man tries building a Tower of Bable to speak directly to God. In this new reality the effort is to lower the deity to the level of man.

Humanists argue their points based on quantifiable empirical data inspected, summarized and ejected under the sheer force of human will to proclaim victory in debate. They claim no foundation for their theories in the basic teachings of any faith based dogma.

This is why they answer (when asked who lit the fuze igniting the Big Bang):”that’s beyond the limits of our understanding at this time.” Simple. Flat. Curt. To the point. And, self-serving.

The American Reality is based on a history of a people coming together for the purposes of escaping religious persecution and/or the strangulation of their individual rights to free speech, thought and action disallowed by the society they arose from. Because of the over-reach of the clergy in societies, rebellions arose and a schism widened in the understanding of man’s position in relation to God.

Many humanists believe they alone understand the greatest mysteries of life. They quantify the number of chemical reactions working in concert repetitively it takes to create a human life. They balance valences and their perception of covalent bonding and proclaim the mystery of life is known.

But, nobody understands the beginning, the place where it all started trillions of years ago.

Unless of course, you’re a man or woman desperately seeking equivalence with a deity humanists refuse recognition. Humanism rejects the acknowledgement of God (or any belief in that God) because they see no logic in accepting faith as an argument. Acceptance of anything without the accompaniment of formulae and tangible quantification of evidence escapes them. Therefore the existence of something as mysterious as a human soul escapes them. Is that soul miniscule or of such a vastness as to be nebulous?

Science seeks to supplant the Deity while the Deity accepts science as a tool for understanding our place in relation to the Deity. Faith can quell the fears of the “everyman” where logic says there’s no hope.

Politics is a format of humanistic endeavor. It needs logic and debate and discourse and surveys to accomplish its goals. Specific functions must be put into place at specific times for specific durations in order to function and gain propulsion toward the goal i.e. CONTROL of the environment (government). It’s cynical to understand this but here’s the key to accelerating us beyond the point of politics’ influence and possible debauchery of human faith.

It’s genuine devotion to our principles of American sovereignty and exceptionalism in the world-view.

This homogenization of American values to allow a select few to take over the direction of America from that exceptionality we all enjoy (to a position of merely standing in queue while controlled by the United Nations) needs to be recognized and stopped immediately.

This land, this nation of equals among giants and giants among equals, must reclaim the individuality of faith-based Americanism. We got to where we are by the intangibles coming together in manners defying reason and logic to let us live where we do. It happened to allow us the freedoms (now under assault by humanists) we enjoy. It’s only faith allowed man to use the intelligence granted him to explore other worlds.
It’s faith got us here. Logic says so.

Thanks for listening.

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