Choking Down Chicago Values

We have Rahm Emanuel current Mayor of Chicago and former White House Chief of Staff to President Beaurat Obama making the declaration that Chick-Fil-A® does not represent “Chicago values” and isn’t welcomed in that “toddlin’ town”. Maybe Chick-Fil-A might be better to build just outside the city limits and deny Rahm Emanuel, and Chicago) the jobs to be filled and the taxes to be paid. That might shut the guy up. Emanuel obviously has NO idea what’s happening in the economy.

I can only say to Dan Cathy, the CEO of Chick-Fil-A®, “way to go, sir!”

It’s a mystery as to what anybody can say about Chicago values after the likes of Al Capone and the entire city/county government system he co-opted through bribery, terrorism and murder. Then there’s the decades long history of Richard Daley, machine politician and American adherent to the theories and practices of the Thuggee Clan in Colonial India. He, as did the Thuggee in their time, kept a strangle-hold on political reality in Chicago. It was such a tight grip it assured anybody who didn’t see it his way was ultimately “killed” politically. His son followed in his footsteps over time.

Emanuel, a political bully and somewhat baffling figure in American politics (he couldn’t get his point past Valerie Jarrett when it came to White House influence and the direction of Beaurat Obama) is in office and looks more like a man needing prunes than a navigator of any ship of state. It’ll be his job to assure Chicago follows Obama while in lockstep at the polls this November.

Good luck with that, Beaurat. Emanuel forgets nothing, not your treatment at the hands of Jarrett or your tepid participation in Emanuel’s campaign for office. And Mr. Emanuel is singularly well-known for his elephantine memory. That’s a slice of Chicago values you want to be on the correct side of when the chips fall into place.

All of this “chicken-poodoo” is about Dan Cathy saying he believed in the traditional definition of marriage being between one man and one woman. Then a bunch of dipstick liberal closet creepers and their apologist allies started screaming the dreaded curse: “HOMOPHOBE!!” It’s like your personal values must align with all others no matter how abhorrent you may find some values to be. If you follow this idiotic thinking the concept of unrestrained “live and let live” must be stretched to cover cannibals, child-molesters, eugenic/euthanasia practitioners (Hitlerites), puppy eaters and any other whack-a-doodles seeking justification for their behaviors.

This is America, Emanuel. As much as you and your lubricant ilk wish for it to become a government of the bureau, by the bureau and for the bureau; we are still the people. You’re fast becoming recognized as anti-American when spouting your drive to shut-down any and all opposition to your totalitarian efforts to control totally.

Chicago values my flaming exhaust! Shoot! Even the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), that vaunted enclave of slavish representation of all things liberal, has come out against your, and Boston Mayor Thomas Mennino’s allusion to the idea of rejecting licensure to Chick-Fil-A® which I believe mentioned the word “unconstitutional”.

Emanuel, it’s difficult to accept a person of your alleged stature in politics as being effective if you can’t get past one woman (an un-elected, no-title, counter-cultural female provocateur) standing in your way to advise a kitty-whipped dude like Beaurat Obama. You don’t seem to command the kind of respect you demand. It’s got to be remembered “Chicago values” got you elected; so we must question the sanity of those involved after the brouhaha concerning your actual residency for qualification.

It’s been said little men in big chairs are still little men. Whether they rise to the challenges presented is up to the character of the little man seeking heightened stature.

It would seem there’s more to be said for any man that stands up for the constitutionally based right to speak in favor of their values than to speak the self-serving drivel getting the most publicity.

You might want to think about that Rahm. Your lack of character is showing: blatantly.

Thanks for listening.

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