Limbaugh Reacts To The You-Didn’t-Build-That Speech

The long and short: Obama hates this country.

Which sounds extreme, but ask yourself this: who did Thomas Edison owe for his success? James Garfield? Rutherford B. Hayes?

Did the Wright Brothers owe William McKinley or Teddy Roosevelt for building the first functional airplane?

How about Steve Jobs and Bill Gates? Is Ronald Reagan the man who should take credit for their success?

Of course not. Individual achievement is individual achievement. It doesn’t come from benevolent bureaucracy – in fact, it usually comes from the absence of bureaucracy at all. In the case of Jobs and Gates, it was the complete absence of government regulation of the Internet that created the exploding market for their products.

If you get that, you get America – and what makes this country the great place it is. If you don’t get it, well…you say things like Obama said in Roanoke on Friday.



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