Now It’s Time For Some Ranting

Do I have this right? The House of Representatives, GOP division, passed a resolution/bill for the repeal of the Affordable Care Act aka, ObamaCare, is that correct? And what exactly did the GOP expect of the Democratic Party led Senate to do other than reject the proposal after rejecting 31 others sent to it for consideration?

Dear Speaker of the House Boehner; just how stupid are you and your colleagues? The main reason you people come across as spoiled brats is because you and the Democrats continually behave as such. This is more a situation of the ages old playground taunt: “I know I am but so are YOU!” (Now stick out your tongue and spit).

The American public is sitting on the super-heated coals of a growing fire representing the outrage we feel for the immature and inane posturing of a bunch of colonic discharge chutes. You’re the equivalent of a magnum handgun shooting squib-loads; under-powered rounds making a noise but never exiting the barrel or reaching the target. You’ve each backed yourselves into corners so you can spit and hiss at each other like mangy cats. You’re less than worthless because this ship of state has already been driven onto the reef and is sinking faster than you idiots can bale. We’re tired of both sets of incompetents directing our ship of state into a toilet bound vortex never allowing it to flush the sewage from the capitol.

Dear Senator Reid, I would suggest you stay home in Nevada until you decide you want to actually be a part of a legislative body. Take Old lady Pelosi with you. You deserve each other.

Now, Boehner and Cantor; let’s deal. You’ve been sitting around waiting for your next photo-op so you can appear resolute and commanding. You’re good at it. But, have you noticed the American public is growing disheartened because you and your impotent cohorts have failed spectacularly to present ANYTHING looking remotely like an answer to (or act as a replacement for) the offensive legislation? Why? Because you want to assure you repeal it with a super-majority so you can look bigger than life. It must be nice to annually get a hundred grand plus to do nothing.

Both parties are worthless beyond hope and think we’re so stupid we won’t notice the incompetence.

NO budget in 41 months? How do we gain the right to call a referendum declaring a vote of NO CONFIDENCE in you people? Must it come to a shooting revolution to get your bloody attention? Jefferson said it best: Every citizen should be a soldier. This was the case with the Greeks and Romans, and must be that of every free state.” He also said: “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.” It might be more to the point that we should “shoot the mangy mutts soiling grandma’s garden” as Luke McVey once said.

It only takes a minute to peruse a newspaper and be assured our senators and representatives have done no more than repeat the same, lame charges they spoke yesterday against each other. It’s pathetic and it’s wrong. You people are guilty of Criminal Malfeasance in Office and should be indicted!

Oh yeah, I’m already indicting you. (I was so wrapped up in my rant I forgot what stage I’d arrived at.)

While this may seem silly, I assure you the indignation is resoundingly real and the anger is too. We have a Congress composed of charlatans and rogues; female impersonators and wannabe comedians with threadbare jokes and canned laughter to punctuate the delivery they keep repeating while hoping we’ll forget the worn out punch line.

It’s not humorous. It’s not cute. It’s insulting, abusive, offensive, rude and impertinent.  We, the American public pay entirely too much money to these stooges to be slighted and stolen from so regularly. It makes Jesse James look like a petty thief.

The glory of our nation is sullied and dirtied by these slugs we call Representatives and Senators and we’re looking like fools with pie on our faces.

This isn’t funny anymore.

Thanks for listening.

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