They’re Hanging Obama On His Own Words Again…

The contrast between Obama in 2008 and Obama this year is a pretty amazing one. If you’re in charge of making ads against him, he’s pure gold.

This, for example.

Ace of Spades notes that this isn’t the most brutal attack Romney’s campaign can lay out against Obama, but that’s OK. It’s designed to further a process of weaning people away from the idea that Obama is likable and/or trustworthy…

Before you get around to Obama’s a bad guy you have undermine whatever’s left of the Obama’s a good guy meme. I consider this add to be in service of that, undermining that stale meme, which was always untrue.

Like let’s say you’re trying to convince your clueless, guileless friend his girlfriend his cheating on him. Your early efforts should not be “Your girlfriend’s a dirty whore whose seen more strange Dick than a later season of Bewitched.

No, your opening gambit should be, Say, where was Stacy last night between 12am and 2am? Kinda vanished on you there, huh?

Maybe you should ask her about that, huh? Maybe she’s like a closet diabetic or something and went into a two hour Secret Coma. You want to make sure she’s not having bad health issues, right? So, you know. Look into that.

We wouldn’t want anything bad to happen to Stacy. She’s so lively. So comfortable around strangers, especially good-looking strangers with motorcycles and prison tattoos and a history of restraining orders against them. Oddly excited in their company. Almost alarmingly so.

And what’s with all her unaccountable bruising? Maybe she was mugged. Mugged, in her vagina. Hey, it happens. Bath salts and all.

Or– Is it possible that she just had a seizure? I mean, a seizure in her vagina? That would explain some things.

The Obama campaign has taken the opposite approach against Romney. This week they called him a felon and they’re going all-out with this business of whether Romney lied about when he left Bain Capital.

And it’s an over-the-top allegation which doesn’t have the look of something that voters will care about. Romney left Bain in 1999 to run the Salt Lake City Olympics; that was public knowledge. But Romney still owned a big chunk of Bain Capital. And since Bain Capital wasn’t a publicly-traded company, they couldn’t exactly just dump his stock on the market and make him whole. For as much cash as it would take to buy out his stake it would take some brokering; in fact, it took three years to sell off all that stock at a price acceptable to everyone. But the people at Bain – most of whom are Democrats and Obama donors, as it happens – have repeatedly said that once Romney left to run the Olympics he was gone, period. Never made a decision at Bain ever again. Which was what Romney had said all along.

This morning Ben LaBolt (LaDolt?), Obama’s campaign flack, was on Fox News calling Romney the most secretive presidential candidate of all time – apparently LaDolt isn’t aware of the fact that Obama still won’t release his college records. Bill Hemmer was polite with him; maybe they should have had John Sununu on to debate LaDolt, particularly after the way Sununu beat Juan Williams, who’s got more chops than LaDolt does, to a pulp last night about all this.

Now that Obama’s campaign has called Romney a felon, what else can they say about him? Do they have worse things to accuse him of? Like what? Polygamy, like Obama’s father? Bestiality? Murder? Racism? Seems difficult to understand the strategy as it builds to Election Day.

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