A New Iberia doctor’s letter to Senator Mary Landrieu

The following was sent to the Senator from the State of Louisiana, Mary Landrieu, from a physician in New Iberia, LA concerning her support of Obama’s unethical class warfare concerning taxation of the “wealthy” and for those to pair their “fair share”.

Chris Gary

Iberia Family Care, APMC
Robert Hankenhof, III, M.D.

8 August 2012

Senator Mary Landrieu
431 Dirksen Senate Office Building
Washington, D.C 20510

Re: Middle Class Tax Cut Act

Dear Senator Landrieu:

I am rather dismayed (although not surprised) by your gloating over your vote for the Middle Class Tax Cut Act. In reading a recent email release from your office I was disappointed by the typical Progressive double speak that liberal Democrats have become famous. I would first state that as a tax payer in our State and country I whole heartedly disagree with your thinking (or lack of thinking) in regards to this bill. I would also like to point that flawed thinking out to you AND point out the liberal doublespeak in your email.

You erroneously point out in one sentence that this Act will give tax cuts to ALL Louisiana citizens. Yet only a few paragraphs down state that it will raise taxes (as you put it “contribute a bit more”) on those making more than 250 thousand a year. Does this mean there is no one in our state that makes more than 250 thousand dollars a year? You skirt the issue by saying that only 0.5% of small business owners make more than a million dollars a year. But you don’t mention that you are going to stick the bill for Progressive’s reckless spending for those making over 250k a year. So where are the statistics on those reporting incomes between 250k and one million? Afraid to release them? Maybe it’s because so many of the small business like me report incomes in that range that you avoid.

You state that the reckless Republican plan would only benefit the small percentage of the wage earners (what you really mean is those of us who are actually paying taxes) and cost the Federal Government $405 billion. But it doesn’t cost the government a damn penny. The government didn’t earn it. The individuals out there working and building and hiring workers made it. You only take it away. So how can you lose money you didn’t have to begin with? This is another flaw in Progressive thinking. What you really mean is that Progressives like you will have $405 billion less to give away and spend as you have so done for the last 40 years.

You say in your email that there is no reason why the 2% of individuals who are at the top income should “contribute a bit more.” But these are the same individuals who are already paying the majority of taxes. You don’t dare quote the IRS statistics on that fact do you? We have seen before when you penalize one part of society for being productive and being successful, those people tend to disappear and tax revenue decreases. But as usual Progressive thinking refuses to look at history.

As a small business owner and apparently one of those 2% of Louisiana wage earners that you feel should contribute “a bit more” I would like to give you a few facts about myself and the situation I am in and what will happen in the future. I currently employ five full time and two part time workers. I report a gross business income above your arbitrary $250k threshold. I wish that I brought home something even close to what is reported. But by the time I pay my employees, taxes, benefits, rent and ever increasing expenses many months there is nothing left to pay me despite the 65 hours a week that I worked. I have watched as my costs continue to rise and my profit margin shrinks. So I work extra outside of the business (moonlight) to make up that extra income. In doing so it raises my reportable income. Not my take home income but rather what the IRS feels it can tax. Although my “taxable income” goes up, my take home income continues to go down. I pay more in taxes than most citizens in Louisiana make in a year. Yet you want to tax me even more. So I am penalized for working harder by taking away an even higher percentage of what I worked for. I am not talking about “my fair share” which Progressives love you use, but an even higher percentage as you take away deductions and increase the percentage of tax that I pay. How does it make any sense for someone to desire to be successful when I am penalized for being successful? This is a major flaw in Progressive thinking. So as a small business owner who will pay more tax under this bill that you are so proud, I am forced with finding ways to cut my expenses. Since rent and so many other expenses are fixed my only choice will be to downsize my staff. That means one more person on the unemployment rolls. And ALL THANKS TO YOU – THE PROGRESSIVE.

I do not expect or want to hear any response from you. I already know your flawed thinking and the only way to change that flawed thinking is for you to be removed from office. This will be my priority at election time.


Robert Hankenhof, III, M.D.

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