And This Is Why We Don’t Wrestle Gators…

Don’t think there are a whole lot of gators up in Ohio. If there were more, word might get out that they don’t really like to be poked with sticks and jumped on, like this guy did at a state fair outside of Cleveland over the weekend.

It didn’t turn out too well for the fellow in question, who got his arm locked in the jaws of a creature with the most powerful laboratory-measured bite of any living animal—2,125 pounds of pressure—in front of an astonished audience:

The guy with his arm in the alligators mouth, Daniel Beck, reportedly didn’t receive any permanent damage. He left the hospital later sporting a whole lot of stitches and a healthy respect for just about the only dinosaur left on the planet, however. Maybe those Ohio boys will think twice from now on before messing around with Louisiana’s state reptile

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