Another Five Minutes, Another Lie From Obama

This one comes from the attack he leveled at Paul Ryan, accusing him of failing to pass a farm bill which would help Iowa farmers with drought relief.

Which was awesome.

Except it’s not awesome. First, Ryan is the House Budget Committee chair. He’s not the Speaker of the House. It’s not his place to pass a farm bill or not pass it.

And second, Ryan and the Republicans in the House actually passed the farm bill. They passed it two weeks ago. That ball has been in Harry Reid’s court for two weeks, and Reid has been too busy regurgitating the results of his conversations with his friend Jodie to act on the bill.

Bret Baier laid out this lie on today’s Special Report…

The question remains whether Obama is even aware of the fact that the farm bill has passed the House.

And that’s not much of a question. Obama certainly seems inattentive to his job, but he’s not THAT inattentive. And certainly his handlers who wrote that part of his speech aren’t that badly out to lunch.

Which means that just like his Vice President, Obama thinks his voters, plus those independents who his camp thinks are persuadable to his side, are stupid enough to believe that Harry Reid’s conversations with a red-eyed pig about Romney’s taxes aren’t what’s been holding up the farm bill but rather it’s been Ryan’s inaction after already having passed it which is to blame.

You have to be stupid to believe this stuff. And that’s precisely why Obama is saying it, because he thinks the majority of the country is stupid.

And maybe he’s right. After all, they voted for him four years ago, right?

UPDATE: None of this is surprising. This is, after all, the campaign reponsible for the following “infographic”…

They certainly believe their voters are stupid. That’s not even arguable.

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