Broken Records

I was listening to a broken record the other day and found out where I’d gotten it from. It was the old stand-by tune I remember so well from the sixties. It’s sung to the tune of” I’m a Pepper” ©:

You’re a racist, he’s a racist, they’re some racist, and they’re racists

 I’m pretty sure that you’re a racist too!

They’re all racist, they be racists, they’re all racists, we see racists.

 It’s a shame that you’re a racist too!

You’re a racist. A lousy rotten racist. You’re a racist. You know I hate you racists.

This little ditty is the anthem of the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), the organization rooting out anybody not agreeing with their ideals and labeling (or is that libeling) them with the invective designation of RACIST whenever they can find an aggrieved person somewhere having no other explanation other than racism for why somebody doesn’t like them. Now they’re going to take up the cause of a Hispanic person in Jefferson parish because Jefferson Parish won’t supply a translator during parent/teacher conferences.

Here’s a novel approach to the problem: HOW’S ABOUT YOU LEARN TO SPEAK ENGLISH LADY! YOU’RE IN FLIPPIN AMERICA! CAPISCHE? COMPRENDE!? UNDERSTAND? Next we’ll have to supply German, Uzbek, Romanian, Greek and other United Nations approved translators to interpret for everybody. This ain’t Babel lady. It’s the United States. Quit whining about everybody not liking you because you’re Hispanic. There are reasons people don’t get along and racism isn’t the only one.

It can never be the disliked person is in reality unlikable or unlovable; a jerk, a criminal or a loser; could it? It HAS to be the person is disliked because he/she’s different. SPLC grants the vaunted status of being racist to any and all not seeing the issue their way and having the temerity to state it outright and in public; such as I am right now.

I’d like for it to be known I have already chosen a place for my plaque to be displayed. I expect to be issued one complete with serial number and copyrighted condemnation duly inscribed for my soon to be blistering attack on their modus operandi. I’ll host a party similar to those soirees thrown by Nobel and Pulitzer Laureates and y’all will be invited.

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) is the illegitimate Madonna responsible for the Immaculate Conception (inception? deception? reception?) of this organization in 1971. It was formed as a non-profit legal service for people they chose to subsidize, legitimize and represent in litigation after they inspected arcane legislation assuring any member of society can be found to be violated under civil rights law. This law is recognizable in the removal of people’s First Amendment Right to free speech because they say they dislike a person of another race, creed, color or national origin.

Now throw in a dislike of gender challenged individuals seeking their right to insult and make other people uncomfortable by displaying recognizably offensive sexual acts in public places; or openly display their sexuality (no matter how weird it may be) like animal love, licking broken light bulbs or having sex with a dead iguana and you have a matter of HATE SPEECH because you mention your discomfort at observing it all.

The ACLU and the SPLC both are emblematic of what people like Roger Williams (Founding Father of the State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations) were trying to escape when they left Massachusetts to escape the tyranny of Puritan ethics. But, in this case the ACLU and SPLC are members of a society of tyrannical political correctness demanding the homogenization of everybody’s thoughts, feelings, emotions and actions to the level approximating stale oatmeal regurgitated by a sterile parent society.

If you don’t see it their way you are vilified and pilloried in public for not doing so. Your blood is tainted. They will hold you down forcibly for the social dialysis (or enema: your choice) so you can be cleansed. To this day I’ve not seen a Caucasian represented for crimes against his humanity like: Hispanic on Caucasian beatings, Black on Castilian Hispanic crimes (Castilians are whiter than Central Native American Hispanics “doncha know”?), Crimes against the elderly executed by caregivers of another race etc.

Where the outrage when that happens?

So, just so you get the plaque correct when you issue it: I’m not Caucasian. I’m Native American. (I expect their heads will explode trying to get around that little fact.)

Oh yeah. I don’t like your bigoted butt either. (Insert Bronx Cheer)

Thanks for listening.

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