ROUGH: Have You Seen The Romney Ad Which Hits Obama On Character?

Interesting stuff.

The ad is important, because now that Mitt Romney has chosen Paul Ryan as his vice-presidential candidate the Democrat line will be that Romney is on board with Ryan as desiring the liquidation of senior citizens – or something.

The fact that Obama has already established that he’s willing to tell calumnious lies about Romney – provable lies, in fact – needs to be trumpeted as often as possible in advance of the next round of lies. We know Mediscare is coming; it’s all they really have. They can’t offer an alternative to Ryan’s budget, because they’ve never presented one. They don’t want to do that; the Obamites have already blown up federal spending, and the current stalemate merely preserves that spending at current levels. Presenting an actual budget plan which can be reviewed by the public merely exposes them to scrutiny.

Instead, we get this kind of thing – and we’re supposed to consider it governance…

“We have no plan, we just know that we don’t like yours.”

This is who governs the country right now. This isn’t a campaign which seeks to criticize the people running the country – it’s a re-election campaign.

It’s bad policy, of course. But it’s also bad character. It’s not honest, it’s irresponsible and it’s gutless.

Bad character doesn’t sell, though. An Obama campaign which goes out of its way to demagogue the issues of the day and demonize its opponents is wide open to the charge that it’s time to put the adults back in control, and that America is in too fragile a position to give unserious people like Obama and his group any more time.

That won’t play with Democrats, of course, but it will play with independents. Even before Ryan was added to the ticket Romney was beating Obama with independents in most of the polls.

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