Time To Take Our Medicine

When I was a youngster, I made the mistake of feigning illness to avoid school. I was ill-prepared for the treatment my caretaker guaranteed would cure me. Castor Oil was prescribed. I have no words to describe its taste but I can safely say subsequent efforts to skip school were tempered by the possibility another dose was available. I’d rather suckle a cyanide capsule than find Castor Oil in my house.

Industry uses nearly 800 million pounds of Castor oil in manufacturing. Soaps, lubricants, brake fluid, coatings and other products have varying amounts in their formulae. This is good if you’re using it as hydraulic fluid or want it in an industrial surface protectant.

But you need to be aware of a few things.

The castor seed contains RICIN, a toxic protein used (when refined specifically for the purpose) as a chemical/biological warfare substance. Compounds causing allergic reactions found on the plant surface can cause permanent nerve damage. Using Castor Oil can be a human health risk. Workers in India, Brazil, and China suffer harmful side effects from working with these plants. It’s a danger to the ultimate degree potentially. The potential endangerment far outweighs the nebulous benefits for human consumption.

America’s got problems brought about by a Congress too self-absorbed and dedicated to the idea they can produce anything to keep them in power. They fail to recognize the moral, fiscal and societal deterioration taking place. Because of the incredible bounty and abundance of natural resources and the rights we hold as self-evident; we’ve taken this to mean “anything goes”. They’ve become of the mind they can get away with anything.

Like spoiled children they’ve come to believe what they do has no consequences, exist without; they spend wastefully without consideration of those making what we want possible. They believe all they want is theirs for the taking and they can give us whatever we want. At the wave of a legislative wand some think it shall appear for use: whether it’s good for America as a whole, or not.

Over-indulgence of anything is bad. Too many carbohydrate loaded foods can lead to an upset stomach; or it can lead to an overdriven pancreas and obesity leading to heart disease then to diabetes and a shortened lifespan. Excessive speed, while exhilarating to experience can challenge the laws of physics, driving a vehicle out of control resulting in a crash. There are consequences for all of our actions and consequences run the gamut from minor to catastrophic and as such, potentially deadly.

America needs to control its insatiability for the wants it’s created in its people. We want freedom of speech but individuals abuse it by refusing that right to those they hate. We want every right articulated in the Bill of Rights but stand willing to abrogate them for others. We’ll give control of them to a government no longer of the people, by the people and for the people, but for the sake of protecting the government and the individuals claiming sovereignty over their brothers elected them innocently so as to have representation in that government.

People want healthcare. Everybody wants to feel well. But, stripping another productive person’s resources to assure coverage for those who don’t produce is wrong. This is an unsustainable economic system when looked at practically. Eventually those supplying the goods and services grow disaffected at seeing some get something for nothing. They lessen production. The number of producers falls below the number of consumers. Check the soviet agricultural collectives communes in Russia during the 40s and 50s.

Congress is always ready to define equality by what you have rather than what you produce.

We must take our medicine, but, not the Castor Oil being dispensed by Congress. We need medicines making us well and whole; medicines that while unpleasant aren’t necessarily poisonous in the end result. We must curb recognize the childishness of unrestrained want and accept our pursuit of what we need.

We must assess then prescribe a treatment making us whole. Castor oil quick-fixes could prove deadly, if given without care. We must stop senseless spending.

We’ve got to take our medicine.

Thanks for listening.

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