Why Does The Obama Camp Want To Get Rid Of Debbie Wasserman Schultz?

Anderson Cooper does a good job of pointing out why. The answer is the Blabber-Mouth Barbie Doll is absolutely terrible at debating issues.

When you routinely get schooled by Wolf Blitzer and Anderson Cooper on CNN – not Bret Baier or Megyn Kelly or John Roberts on Fox News, but Blitzer and Cooper on CNN – you stink at your job.


Allahpundit does a nice job with this one…

Simple stuff here. The GOP adopted the same abortion language in its platform this year, with no specific exceptions for rape or incest, as it did in 2008 and 2004. Romney’s on record repeatedly as saying that he favors exceptions for rape and incest in prospective abortion bans. DWS’s spin: Because Romney’s the nominee and his people kinda sorta get to write the platform — which isn’t binding on him or anyone else — we should ignore his stated position and pretend like he’s no different from Todd Akin. And if that means occasionally bowdlerizing a quote in a newspaper for DNC fundraising e-mails, hey, politics ain’t beanbag.

Wasserman Schultz has been rumored as on her way out as chair of the Democrat National Committee; she’s done a fairly hideous job in that position without question. Her advocacy as an Obama surrogate places her as the least effective of the campaign’s flacks, but that’s not the sum of her failure.

Because the DNC chair is also tasked with things like candidate recruitment and fundraising. And the Democrats are in terrible shape on both accounts. They’re being outraised with a sitting president in their camp, which almost never happens, and they’ve struggled badly to find viable candidates to take on GOP incumbents in places not overwhelmingly full of Democrats.

Not to mention Wasserman Schultz actually has an aggressive and increasingly well-funded Republican challenger in her own district in the form of Karen Harrington, who got 39 percent of the vote against Wasserman Schultz in the 2010 election while forcing the incumbent to burn $2 million of her own war chest. Harrington has begun to get under Wasserman Schultz’ skin in this race, which naturally means the incumbent is launching an effort to brand Harrington as a “Tea Party Extremist.” She’s nothing if not original, right?

It all points to a much lower profile for Wasserman Schultz after this election cycle. That would make us sad – if the Democrats find someone who’s actually effective to carry their message as DNC chair, it might mean they could win elections in places not dominated by their constituencies.

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