You’ve Really Jumped The Shark When You Lose Jon Stewart, Harry

You know that when a lefty like Harry Reid gets raked over the coals by a fellow progressive traveler like Jon Stewart, things have really gone off the rails for Democrats—or, more accurately, over the shark.

You could almost draw an analogy between what a happened at Chick-fil-A on Wednesday—and is still going on to some degree—and the backlash over Reid’s accusations that Mitt Romney hasn’t paid his federal income taxes in a decade, based on a telephoned-in tip from a unknown caller.

With Chick-fil-A, we had the CEO of a company that has always been open about its adherence to Christian values say that he believes in traditional marriage. As it’s been pointed out by many since this deep-fried drama began, Dan Cathy same-sex marriage views are identical to those that Barack Obama had until the current election cycle started to heat up.

Regardless, leftists politicians seized this as an opportunity to cast conservative Christians as intolerant haters. Some, like Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel and Boston Mayor Tom Menino, announced that they would block the company from expanding in their cities.

They just won’t tolerate that kind of hate.

Instead of hurting Chick-fil-A, loudmouth lefties like Emanuel and Menino unwittingly helped unleash a chicken holocaust of epic proportions. This happened because America is, indeed, seething with hatred right now…but not the kind that the Left was trying to exploit.

Regular Americans don’t hate homosexuals. They don’t hate people because they have different skin pigmentation. They don’t hate people because they hold different religious beliefs. What they hate is political correctness—that shark was jumped years ago—and they are sick of smarmy politicians who are continuously trying to divide them.

They see ploys from people like Emanuel and Menino exactly as they are—it’s all about politics, nothing about principles. In the case of Emanuel, Obama’s former chief-of-staff, the hypocrisy is particularly galling.

Just days before the Chicago mayor stepped to the microphone to condemn Cathy, he was touting his new partnership with Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan to help bring down the surging murder rate in his city.

Farrakhan isn’t exactly famous for his acceptance of gay marriage or homosexuality:

In case your are wondering if Farrakhan has changed his opinions since that 40 year-old video in which he called homosexuality a “perversion and deviation,” he hasn’t. The man has been consistent with his beliefs these many years—from UFOs, to “white devils” to gays—and spoke out loudly against Obama changing his view on same-sex marriage a few months back.

Americans see what’s going on here and they hate it. I would imagine that most gay Americans hate it even more, don’t really care what the Chick-fil-A CEO thinks and don’t appreciate being used as political pawns.

The Left really “jumped the shark” in the Chick-fil-A controversy, much like Harry Reid has done by using The Huffington Post to spread rumors that Mitt Romney is a tax-cheat. Since Democrats are stuck in the uncomfortable position of having to defend Obama’s record of utter failure as president—did ya see that the unemployment rate went up another point?—in the upcoming election, they have to dig up dirt on Romney.

Problem is that Romney is a pretty straight-laced guy and there isn’t much dirt to be dug. This has sent Democrats on a fishing expedition and they are pressuring the Republican nominee to turn over 10 years worth of tax returns so they can sift through them and pull out anything they might find to smear him.

Chances are they won’t find anything shady, but they don’t really need to find anything. All they need is something in Romney’s returns they can mischaracterize or use to show he is just a rich guy who is out of touch with regular folks—they are all about dividing Americans, don’t forget. If Romney won’t turn more tax forms over—he has given two years and Reid has never released any of his tax info to the public—he can be accused of trying to hide something.

Democrats really need the stupid vote to get Obama another term, but Americans aren’t quite as stupid as they think. Like the Chick-fil-A thing, people are seeing right through the Dems dispatching Reid to accuse Romney of felony tax evasion with no proof.

Reid was suited up in the leather jacket and water skis, but when he threw Romney’s dead father into the mix he was over the ramp and had cleared the shark by a long-shot.

This ain’t good for Democrats and a loyalist like Stewart knows it. That’s why he had to lampoon the Senate majority leader in a segment aptly titled “You, Harry Reid, Are Terrible”. Sure, Stewart took the obligatory swipes at Romney, peppered the segment with a little Donald Trump birther-bashing and went after Fox News.

All of that is a given, but when even “The Daily Show” is laughing at Democrats’ latest attempt smear Romney—maybe the most desperate to date—it’s a clear signal that Obama’s in lots of trouble:





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