ANOTHER ROMNEY SHOCKER: He Doesn’t Think The Palestinians Want Peace

Wow, this is a real disaster. And coming off last night’s startling revelations, Romney’s in a lot of trouble, right?

(rolls eyes)

Mother Jones sure did get some devastating scoop with this video…

So let’s analyze this: Romney notes that in two of the political entities which border Israel – Gaza and Lebanon – Iranian-supplied weapons are used to terrorize the Israeli population, and Israel can’t afford to give up the military control of the West Bank for that precise reason.

And the Palestinians wouldn’t accept a state where Israel occupies them.

Not to mention there are enough Palestinians who don’t want peace with Israel that there won’t be peace with Israel no matter what the U.S. does. Strangely enough, the Palestinians haven’t gotten around to recognizing Israel’s right to exist – which seems like something of a barrier to peace.

And so Romney insinuates it’s a waste of time for him to attempt to make peace between the Israelis and Palestinians.

This is somehow damaging to him?

Hardly. For somebody who supposedly lacks foreign policy credentials Romney comes off as a far more clear-eyed and realistic candidate than the fool in the White House who believes that because he’s just so damn charismatic and willing to give away the store to the Muslim Brotherhood America is going to bring about peace in the world.

Bear in mind, that’s not just Obama’s position from 2008. That’s his position THIS WEEK. Two days ago he sent his UN ambassador out to the Sunday talk shows to make the absurd and debunked claim that the Benghazi massacre was some spontaneous occurrence rather than a pre-planned attack on our consulate. And far from getting a new Nobel prize, Obama is now being greeted by the assessment in European media that his policy is in ruins.

But Romney, who looks at a place where they’re training kids to be suicide bombers rather than doctors, businessmen and plumbers and says there isn’t much you can do with or for them, is “dangerous.”


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